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Want More Energy? Take Off The Mask

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The brave women in my Summer 2014 Jump! Coaching Group are bonding, growing, and realizing their own strength and courage. Last week we took Step 2 and began telling our truth to someone safe. While we’re each other’s “someone safe” here in our group, many were also able to confide in the people they’d designated […]

Let Your Body Be the Barometer of Your Truth

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“Truth is visceral. You can feel it in your bones….in the core of your being, it is there.” Last week, thirteen extremely brave women embarked on a journey of courage and truth together. On Tuesday, June 10th, my Summer 2014 Jump! Coaching Group Program began with the first step toward a new life, admitting what […]

The Shadow + Money

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Hi – Happy Monday! I want to share a couple of phenomenal experiences and resources with you that changed my life – for real! – and also have the power to change yours! On February 25, 2010 – my 45th birthday – I flew into the arms of Debbie Ford, best-selling author of several books including The Dark […]


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As I prepare to embark on the final module of my groundbreaking Breakthrough Shadow Coaching Training Program I find myself thinking a lot about wholeness, since it’s the very definition of integrity. And how we’re out of integrity as soon as we begin to separate from ourselves, disowning the parts that we can’t be with. I keep visualizing […]