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Let Your Body Be the Barometer of Your Truth

“Truth is visceral. You can feel it in your bones….in the core of your being, it is there.”

Last week, thirteen extremely brave women embarked on a journey of courage and truth together. On Tuesday, June 10th, my Summer 2014 Jump! Coaching Group Program began with the first step toward a new life, admitting what they already know.Jump! Coaching Group Step One

Our safe container – a learning laboratory of commitment, support and accountability – was instantly created as each woman shared her specific desire to change. Such strength showed by sharing out loud what’s screaming inside our hearts, demanding to be heard. We presenced our challenges and objectives while invoking the healing and hope for the lives longing to be lived …the lives awaiting us all on the other side of the work we’ll be doing together over these 12 weeks.

In our first session together, we learned about the lies we tell ourselves and walked through what happens when we deny, avoid, or minimize the truth. We discussed survival strategies and our failed attempts at rationalization, justification and compartmentalization.

We confirmed that everyone has things we feel we need to hide in order to feel loved and accepted, and explored the ways in which the mind buries but the body never lies. “Let your body be the barometer of your truth,” I said. “Truth is visceral. You can feel it in your bones….in the core of your being, it is there.” By going back in time to the original experience of when our shadow beliefs and underlying commitments were born, we can clearly see the constellation of relationships and events that consistently play out in our adult lives. The feelings and physical sensations linked to that time also help us understand the core beliefs we have that are shaping our current choices and outcomes.

My group of summer jumpers is showing up to play full out, willingly examining what they’re most committed to deep inside. All week long we’ve been sharing actively on our private Facebook page, taking full advantage of this rare opportunity to seek guaranteed support, celebrate one another, acknowledge ourselves, and nurture relationships that will inspire transparency and trust to permeate throughout the rest of their lives.

We have launched off step one, journeying toward the Jump into the truth of the lives we want to live…and there’s no turning back now! I applaud each of these brave women as they take the important steps – inch-by-inch – to dissolving past patterns, habits and behaviors; reframing old disempowering limiting beliefs into new empowering ones, and making lasting change!

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