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The Premier Training & Certification Program For Aspiring & Existing Coaches

Do you want to build an authentic coaching business, support your personal growth, or enhance your existing profession? This comprehensive training & certification program empowers you with the exact tools, scripts, and proven processes you need to build a coaching practice that changes lives.

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Levin Life Coach Academy

Several years ago, Nancy identified a major gap in the world of life coach training and certification. Coaches approached her (after having spent thousands of dollars on life coach certifications) asking her how to build and grow a business. As an in-demand master life coach, she was running a thriving coaching business, guest speaking for organizations and events throughout the world, and writing bestselling books for several years. These coaches wanted to know Nancy’s method for achieving success. This is how Nancy became a coach for coaches. After listening to experiences of acquiring costly certifications but not knowing how to get clients, or what to do once they got them, Nancy saw A LOT missing from these programs. And she realized every single existing and aspiring life coach deserves better.

Levin Life Coach Academy has trained and certified countless coaches, providing them with a well-defined path toward success.

LLCA’s training and certification program is the only program that offers live, hands-on, completely virtual instruction and personalized guidance, plus the business skills you need to become a profitable coach.

LLCA is dedicated to your personal and professional transformation. I want you to feel confident, empowered and knowledgeable to build the coaching practice you’ve been dreaming of!

Comprehensive Curriculum

You want to make a difference in the world and you deserve a program that gives you everything you need to do so with confidence. LLCA supports your personal transformation through to launching and growing a business.

Tools to Transform Lives

The life coach training you choose must equip you with what you need to build the business of your dreams with scripts, concrete techniques, and a proven process to support your practice and clients.

Create a Profitable Business

Be organized and ready to hit the ground running on your first day as a life coach with a fully formatted sample client contract, client intake forms, weekly client check-in sheets, discovery scripts and more!

Credentials that Count

Learn a proven model of success and receive the best instruction possible so you’ll be prepared to support your clients through life’s biggest changes and challenges and help them reach their dreams.

Hi, I’m Nancy

Bestselling author, master life coach, and host of Your Permission Prescription Podcast!


As the founder of Levin Life Coach Academy, I offer in-depth coaching and training programs designed to support students and clients to make themselves a priority and set boundaries that stick.


I’ve guided thousands of people — including corporate CEO’s, stay-at-home moms, authors, artists, healers, entrepreneurs and other coaches — to uncover their truth in the most powerful ways, and I’ve witnessed them do some pretty amazing things.


Personally and professionally, I know what happens when you finally step up and find the courage to change and although my life today may not show it, I know how hard that first step can be to take.


I’m excited you’re here — confidence and change await!


NL intro

Is Levin Life Coach
Academy for me?

The demand for life coaches is growing exponentially every year. Many life coaches have to place people on a waitlist because they simply do not have the space to accommodate everyone in need. In the last five years, the search query “life coach near me” surged by 2,900% and the search query “life coach vs therapist” surged 160%. The data speaks for itself! The world needs more life coaches. Choosing the right life coach training and certification program is the foundation on which you build your success.

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Do any of these sound like you?

I am a career professional

You already have a career, and suspect life coach certification will help you find deeper purpose and elevate the work you do.

Gain tools to thrive in your career and become a leader in your organization.

I am a therapist

You are a trained and credentialed clinician, and you’d like to offer life coaching services to your clients.

LLCA is the only training you’ll ever need to expand your services and offer life coaching to clients.

I am a certified coach

You’re already certified as a life coach, and want additional training to achieve better results.

Certified coaches discover LLCA uplevels their business in a big way.

I am looking for a side hustle

You have a full life, and would like to explore the option of life coaching part-time.

LLCA will provide you with tools to start a business that aligns with your schedule.

I am seeking a life change

You’ve reached a place in your life where you know change is necessary, and becoming a life coach might be the right direction.

Even if you’re not sure this is the right path, LLCA will provide you with skills that will forever serve you.


I am a coach (not certified)

You have a coaching business, and question whether you need certification to go further.

LLCA certification delivers proven coaching models and support that will expand your career.



7 months of training —
a lifetime of living your purpose


Live Video Sessions

Attend live 90-minute sessions every week via Zoom, led by Nancy Levin, and be expertly guided through each phase of the training alongside your peers.


Exclusive Coaching Platform

Access your personal learning portal where you’ll find session replays, study guides and resources to help you on your journey.


Business Toolbox

Streamline your business with a digital toolbox complete with all the scripts, contracts, exercises and templates you need to guide your clients to success.


Mentorship & Support

Match with an LLCA mentor and join small group sessions to receive ongoing support, strengthen your skills and practice coaching in a safe place.


Guided Practicum

Hone your coaching skills with an in-program practice client and out-of-program practice clients prior to certification.

Layer 1@2x

Business Coaching

Upon certification, you’ll receive 8 weeks of business coaching to begin building a coaching practice or use coaching in your current career.

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Office Hours with Nancy

Join Nancy in biweekly office hours to get all your questions answered and receive laser focused guidance on your path to becoming a coach.


1-ON-1 Coaching

Receive three one-on one coaching sessions and support with your LLCA mentor.

Build Your Coaching Practice with LLCA Alumni Springboard

Your LLCA journey does not end with certification. You will receive the guidance you need to build your life coaching business with our 8-week LLCA Alumni Springboard. The 8-week LLCA Alumni Springboard is included with your tuition. You’ll receive expert training on building your life-coaching business and/or additional skills you can use in your workplace.

Identify Ideal Clients

Learn how to craft client avatars and hone in on your ideal clients. This is essential for ensuring you’re serving the people you most want to work with.

Fill Your Practice

Find out where your clients will come from, how to build your network, and attract clients that want to work with you.

Embody Confidence

Move past fears, doubts and limiting beliefs regarding your business. Learn to enter the life coaching space with complete confidence.

Business Implementation

Receive guidance for starting and running a business, including legalities, proper banking, insurance and more.

Market Yourself

Develop your core brand message. Learn how to create your own website and grow your social media presence.

Define Yourself as a Coach

Understand who you are as a coach and what your mission is. We cover values, empathy, and authority.

At the end of 8 weeks, you’ll be offered an opportunity to continue on in the Alumni Advanced Training Program for an annual fee to receive certification in additional coaching models and group coaching, advanced business training and ongoing support.

But Nancy…

Yes, there are more life coaches today than there were several years ago, but this profession is still fairly young and full of opportunity. Skilled, certified life coaches are in high demand. The key to standing out is becoming certified and learning how to properly market yourself so that you cut through the competition.

In LLCA we explore this exact question and help you hone in on the kind of coach you want to become and the ideal client you’d like to serve. I teach you how to leverage your own life experiences to identify your niche. Think of it this way: Become the coach you would have wanted during a time in your life when you were struggling.

Neither did mine when I first started! Yes, I was working in the self-help space as Event Director for Hay House, but I never expected to become a coach. You do not need any sort of life coaching background to succeed. I have trained and certified a diverse range of people from different professions, including Fortune 500 executives, technology specialists, non-profit workers, realtors, and hourly wage employees just to name a few.

All you need is the desire to become a life coach. LLCA is how you get there.

Yes! This is how many coaches get started as they build up their businesses. Some people want to build up a full practice before leaving a secure job. Others don’t want to give up their current professions, and choose to do both. Some people have busy and full family lives, and prefer to work part time. You get to shape how you spend your time.

All you need is the desire to become a life coach. LLCA is how you get there.

Many of our alumni entered LLCA after having been certified by other coaching programs. They chose to go through LLCA for different reasons. Some did not feel they received adequate training because they didn’t know how to build their business or serve their clients fully. Others wanted to add more knowledge and skills to what they already learned. Many sought out the personal transformation and healing that is exclusive to LLCA.


Here’s everything
you’ll explore in LLCA

Reinvention Coaching is a foundational coaching module that will help you create profound transformation as you experience the exact coaching model you’ll share with clients. You’ll learn how to craft a powerful vision, move past your limiting beliefs, own your worth and set the boundaries you need to be the person you want to be.

  • 9 live full group coaching sessions with Nancy, plus replays.
  • 4 live small group sessions with your mentor to deepen your understanding and personal transformation.
  • Focused weekly reflections, exercises and action steps.

In order to be a catalyst for lasting change, you must develop the core skills every successful life coach understands! In this module you’ll learn proven methods and practical tools to master the art of listening, holding others accountable and choosing clients ready to be coached!

  • 3-Day Live Virtual Weekend Intensive, plus replays.

  • 2 additional live full group coaching session with Nancy, plus replays.

  • 1 live small group session with your mentor to deepen your understanding and personal transformation.

  • Learn ethical guidelines and professional standards.

  • Master the art of coach presence and active listening.

  • Discover how powerful questions will support your clients to access their own answers.

  • Be trained to support clients to set realistic goals and take action.

  • Manage progress and learn how to hold others accountable.

  • Focused weekly reflections, exercises and action steps.

Familiarizing yourself with the Reinvention Coaching Scripts will allow you to feel confident and prepared before embarking on the Coaching Practicum. Once you’re comfortable with the content, and coaching skills, guiding your clients deeper will become second nature.

  • 9 live full group coaching sessions with Nancy, plus replays.

  • 9 live full group sessions with your mentor to practice Reinvention Coaching scripts weekly with your peers and mentor in a safe, intimate environment.

  • Focused weekly reflections, exercises and action steps.

Working with both in-program practice clients and out-of program practice clients, you’ll begin individual coaching using the Reinvention Coaching model. With support from your mentor, you’ll boldly start to put your new skills to use.

  • 9 live full group coaching sessions, plus replays, with Nancy.

  • 4 live small group sessions with your mentor to receive support and specific, constructive feedback.

  • Focused weekly reflections, exercises and action steps.

  • Weekly sessions coaching an In-Program client, being coached by an In-Program Student-Coach and coaching an Outside-Program Client

  • You’ll submit three recorded sessions for review and evaluation.

During this final module, you’ll be required to attend a one-on-one certification session with an assessor to determine you’re ready for the responsibility associated with being a Certified Levin Life Coach.

You’ll continue to receive ongoing support from your mentor as well as the necessary feedback to help you achieve certification.

Meet your team

team nancy

Nancy Levin

Founder Of Levin Life Coach Academy & Principal Trainer

Kylie Kwon

COO & Director of LLCA

Linda Perry

Linda Perry

Lead Business Trainer


Kathe Crawford

Enrollment Concierge

Chris G

Christine Gipple

LLCA Mentor

Michael Mammina

Michael Mammina

LLCA Mentor

Holly Messick

Holly Messick

LLCA Mentor

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Barb Ridener

LLCA Mentor

Jo Young

Jo Young

LLCA Mentor

Join the Priority List​

Enrollment opens in September 2023!

Be the first to know about everything Levin Life Coach Academy when you join the priority list. You will also be subscribed to receive a bi-weekly newsletter, “The Practice,” that discusses the business of life coaching and helping coaches and aspiring coaches elevate their life and practice.

Real results from our
certified coaches

LLCA students come from a wide range of backgrounds and professions. Many are transitioning their careers after decades working in other industries or raising children. Some have a lot of coaching experience and some have none.

What unites them is a desire to experience transformation and guide others to do the same.


I hope these video testimonials inspire you to join me inside LLCA.

“In addition to life coach certification, LLCA gives you the confidence and support to build a profitable business.”

— Nicole

Powerful questions we love to answer

This program is for you if you’re interested in pursuing life coaching as a career or would like to use this training to enhance your personal or professional life.

As Nancy often shares, when she enrolled in her life coach training, she never imagined that she might one day be leading thousands of people to their own personal transformation. As the Event Director of Hay House, she thought she already had her dream job!

After all, she was already working with some of the top transformational leaders in the world, like Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer, and couldn’t imagine anything being more fulfilling. But, the truth is that in the process of becoming a certified coach, her life changed so dramatically that she felt called to help people in a bigger way.

Maybe you’re a therapist looking to expand your current practice with life coaching to introduce accountability and increase action by being able to work beyond the borders of your state and virtually.

Maybe you’re a CEO who understands the power of listening and team building in helping you accomplish your corporate goals. Or perhaps you’re looking to lead in a new, more powerful way.

Maybe you’re someone who has checked all the boxes off in life yet still feels like something else must be out there waiting for you!

Whatever your reason, if you’re looking for a training program that doesn’t just hand out certificates but makes sure you’re a trained and highly skilled professional, Levin Life Coach Academy is for you!

Yes! Unlike other programs that are largely pre-recorded and only provide limited access to the lead instructor, you’ll have consistent direct access to Nancy throughout each module.

You’ll also have direct access to Nancy’s personal team and will be provided with a Mentor to guide you through the process every step of the way!

 All of Levin Life Coach Academy modules are designed to be attended virtually via Zoom with replays available in our student portal. All LLCA sessions will take place over Zoom and you’ll be trained on how to use your coaching scripts and remain present for your clients during each coaching session.

One of the benefits of a career in coaching is that it’s a profession without borders – you can work with people all over the world from the comfort of your home or office – or wherever you are!

Yes! You do not need to have experienced coaching prior to enrolling in this program, and you will receive it as part of your training.

One of the benefits of this life coach program is that no matter where you are on your personal journey, this program will train you to be an impeccable life coach and will also help you transform your own personal life in incredible ways.

How much time you will need to dedicate to receiving your training and certification will largely depend on the Module. In addition to the curriculum for each Module, Nancy will hold biweekly Office Hours and the Community Director will hold Orientation Sessions. You’ll also receive 3 one-on-one coaching sessions with your mentor over the course of the program.

Module One: Weekly full group live video sessions (90-minutes) with Nancy and biweekly small group sessions with your mentor (60-minutes). In addition, you’ll also need to dedicate time to reading, weekly reflections, and action steps. (Approximately 3-5 hours/week)

Module Two: Weekend Intensive (3 full days) plus 2 full group live video session (90-minutes) with Nancy and 1 small group session with your mentor (60-minutes). In addition, you’ll also need to dedicate time to reading, weekly reflections, and action steps.

Module Three: Weekly full group live video sessions (90-minutes) with Nancy and weekly small group sessions with your mentor (90-minutes). In addition, you’ll also need to dedicate time to reading, weekly reflections, and action steps. (Approximately 5-7 hours/week)

Module Four: Weekly full group live video sessions (90-minutes) with Nancy and biweekly small group sessions with your mentor (60-minutes). In addition, weekly sessions with in-program coach, in-program client and outside program client. You’ll also need to dedicate time to reading, weekly reflections, and action steps. (Approximately 7-10 hours/week)

While we recommend attending as many live sessions as you can in order to get the most out of your training experience, you are not required to attend live.

Live 90-minute sessions will take place on Zoom and will be recorded. Replays will be placed in the student portal within 24 hours after completion. You will, however, be required to watch each of these sessions in order to fulfill written exercises and submit your verification of completion.


All live sessions will take place on Tuesdays at 12 pm PT/3pm ET.

Yes. There are a total of 5 modules that must be completed in order to receive your certification and licensure.

Yes, absolutely! Life coach training provides you with valuable tools and skills that can enhance both your personal and professional life – regardless of whether you pursue a career as a life coach.

Life coach training is beneficial for anyone who is looking to make personal changes, become a more effective leader, gain confidence, improve communication and find greater purpose, or is simply interested in personal development.

No, our coaching model is different from ICF, but examines many of the same skills emphasized through the International Coaching Federation.

As a Levin Life Coach Academy trained life coach, you will learn to hold others in their transformation by using active listening, remaining present for your clients, asking powerful questions, accountability and learning how to guide your clients to their own answers!

You’ll also be given a step-by-step process, complete with scripts and tools to guide your clients each week toward their own personal goals.

As a Levin Life Coach, you can be assured that we meet and even exceed the standards set by the ICF.

Yes, in addition to a single tuition payment of $9,997 we also offer a 12-payment option of $875/month.

No refunds will be made after enrollment closes on September 29, 2023, at 11:59pm ET. To request a refund before then, please reach out to concierge@nancylevin.com.

Levin Life Coach Academy isn’t just for people who want to open a life coaching business. It’s also for professionals who want to become better leaders and learn how to create more engagement and harmony within their organizations. Many LLCA certified coaches come from Fortune 500 companies, or are in professions that include law, medical, or other corporate fields.

These certified coaches bring enormous value to their organizations once they learn the skills and tools needed to support their colleagues. As a result, many of our students find their organizations are willing to contribute to a portion of their LLCA tuition. This is especially true if your organization supports continuing education.

Here are the benefits of bringing life coaching skills into your profession:

  • Increased employee engagement
  • Higher employee retention rates
  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Improved workplace productivity and efficiency
  • Better work/life integration

You can approach your employer with these proven benefits to ask if they’d be willing to contribute to your LLCA tuition.

Click to access the login or register cheese

I Have A Career

Gain tools to thrive in your career and become a leader in your organization.

I Am A Therapist

LLCA is the only training and certification you’ll ever need to expand your services and offer life coaching to clients. In the role of a coach, you can work with clients on taking action. Coaching is about forward motion, helping someone move from where they are now to where they want to be — and holding them accountable to their commitment. And, as a coach, you’re free to work with clients anywhere in the world, providing you with the ultimate flexibility.

I'm Already A Coach (Certified)

Certified coaches discover LLCA uplevels their business in a big way.

I'm Looking For A Side Hustle

Even if you’re not sure this is the right path, you’ll gain knowledge and skills that will forever serve you.

I'm Seeking A Life Change

Even if you’re not sure this is the right path, you’ll gain knowledge and skills that will forever serve you.

I'm Already A Coach (Not Certified)

LLCA certification delivers proven coaching models and support that will expand your career.

Claim Your Coaching Niche Guide

Claim Your Coaching Niche Guide

ALL the steps existing & aspiring life coaches need to find their specialty & establish a lucrative & purposeful practice.