The brave women in my Summer 2014 Jump! Coaching Group are bonding, growing, and realizing their own strength and courage. Last week we took Step 2 and began telling our truth to someone safe. While we’re each other’s “someone safe” here in our group, many were also able to confide in the people they’d designated as safe vessels over the course taking this step.Step 2 Jump Coaching

Revealing our truth to ourselves is one thing, but then sharing it with another is a scary step for many people. We’re afraid others will see us as unworthy or unlovable, so we feel we must hide our weaker areas. But, by being vulnerable in front of others shows allows them to see our humanness and have compassion for us on a deep, genuine level.

Hiding is actually a way of giving up on life. Only by fully participating in life—letting others see us for all of who we are—can we live the full life we all want so much. We can’t be loved for all of who we are unless we allow ourselves to be seen for all of who we are.

Revealing – and then sharing – our truth is the gateway to intimacy.

We’re all hiding something we think we need to in order to be loved and accepted. By pressing the release valve on our internal pressure cooker and letting the steam out make it so guilt and shame can’t actually survive, and we also learn we don’t have to go it alone.

Jump! CoachingWhile the fear of revealing ourselves is natural, doing so unburdens us and helps us overcome the fear of judgment. Why? We discover that people aren’t judging us nearly as harshly as we expect. In fact, in my experience,our biggest issue is how much we judge ourselves.

Learning to trust another is actually about learning to trust yourself first.

After letting my own secret out, I felt such relief. I discovered how much more energy it was taking to hold onto it than to be transparent and authentic – energy that is now available for me to use in a far more constructive and nurturing way.

Stop and think about it: What is the cost of holding on to the mask versus the cost of letting go? Only you can answer that question and trust me, it’s worth investigating. Join my Fall 2014 Jump! Coaching Group and take the 10 Steps in my book Jump … And Your Life Will Appear with a supportive community to hold you accountable to the commitment you make to yourself!

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immersing and emerging

i watch her swim
away from fear
toward a sea
free from restraint

she does not look up
or around
only within
breathing in and out
immersing and emerging
criticism crawls

out of her body
as she glides
into a confident sheath
peace ignites her core

for the first time
she understands awareness
by being seemingly unaware

standing now she rises
her flesh propelled by
bone   muscle   tendon
blood is rushing her
heart awake

all love begins
with self-love
once you know
you are the root
of your own suffering
choose to disengage
from the periphery

harness and recognize
the strength inside
to magnetize

breath is the private mantra
guiding prayer
follow your feet knees hips
belly heart hands
be willing to lose your balance
surrender to what matters most
and dive into the unknown

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  1. Elise on July 10, 2014 at 10:47 am

    Amazing how very much you are speaking to my heart. I am reading your book and it has taken me 2 weeks to get through the first chapter and respond to the questions. This is some of the deepest work I have ever done and the hardest. Currently it all feels challenging and I want to run from it but I know I need to press forward. I have told everyone about this book and my best friend and I will meet next week to process this first chapter together. You are not kidding when you state that this book is small but action packed. I look forward to shifting into a place of feeling better as for now I am drowning in the dredging!