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How Your Fears Prevent You from Setting Boundaries

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Learning to set effective boundaries is the key to living a happy life where our needs take priority.   But for most of us, setting boundaries seems like the hardest thing we can do. Instead of setting boundaries and being clear about the consequences, most of us resort to making demands and then backing away […]

Let Go and Leap!

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Most of the time, we’re held captive in an invisible prison of our own beliefs. In my marriage, for example, I believed that my husband held all the cards. That belief was true because I allowed it to be true. My belief that I was never going to be good enough kept our unhealthy dynamic […]

Love Yourself First!

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Today I’d like to share this poem with you; for me it captures the difficulty of loving another before you learn to love yourself. lean into the loving my primary landscape needs healing crevasses and couloirs reaching into spring an initiation way before this took root in me the past unfreezing echoing inside my present […]

Move past your past

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I’m gonna tell you the truth…cuz we’re friends, right?! Tomorrow is my birthday. 51. And even though Christiane Northrup is a friend of mine and I’ve devoured her brilliant book Goddesses Never Age, I’ve been freaking out about it a wee bit. (Or maybe more than a wee bit, but how much is not important…) […]

Letting Go of the Shame Game

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Shame is a powerful, destructive emotion. Shame drove me to keep secrets from those closest to me, because I was afraid they would discover the truth about me. And that when they did, they would be so horrified that they’d never want to speak to me again and I would be abandoned. Yet, what I’ve […]

Take off your mask, hang up your cape

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I honestly think that we all believe there’s something we need to hide in order to be loved and accepted. We might be keeping a secret, or perhaps repressing a part of us that we’ve labeled as bad or wrong. Whatever the withhold, it’s directly related to our ability to give and receive love. The funny thing is that […]