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Take off your mask, hang up your cape

Take off the mask, hang up your capeI honestly think that we all believe there’s something we need to hide in order to be loved and accepted. We might be keeping a secret, or perhaps repressing a part of us that we’ve labeled as bad or wrong. Whatever the withhold, it’s directly related to our ability to give and receive love.

The funny thing is that we all want to be loved for who we are and yet we fear revealing who we are.

The roles we play protect us from the truths we are afraid to acknowledge.

What if you didn’t have to hide anything or any part of yourself in order to the loved and accepted?

What if you didn’t calculate your value by what you do?

What if you no longer put your worthiness in the hands of others?

Isn’t it time to stand up for yourself instead of saving everyone else.

Go ahead… take off your mask and hang up your cape. I know you’re ready to recover from playing the superhero.

Start your journey of self-discovery – get real by admitting to yourself what you already know to be true.

The greatest gift you have is giving voice to your truth. And when you do –when you live your life in alignment with your truth and your desire – there is no wrong way to live your life.


from this liminal state
we are reborn
into a threshold between worlds

through the fabric of fog
a map for another way
presents itself
we see – in a flash – how life could be

can we return to what is familiar
and make it new
finding mystery in comfort
or do i embark upon
the adventurous sensuous
on my own

to the acceleration of self-discovery
that can only come
from encouraging the emergence
of dormant forces

embracing this vantage point
let the past be memory

this pause
between present and future
is the alchemy
that will wake

there is barely a moment
even in morning twilight
when i forget
to remember
the shift is happening

i am a light in the harbor
leaving the weight
of the past at sea
change is my anchor
deep inside
peace is so close

Tell me about the mask you’d like to take off or the cape you’d like to hang up. Share your “recovering superhero” story of transformation on Facebook.


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