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Let Go and Leap!

Make your leap!Most of the time, we’re held captive in an invisible prison of our own beliefs. In my marriage, for example, I believed that my husband held all the cards. That belief was true because I allowed it to be true. My belief that I was never going to be good enough kept our unhealthy dynamic in place.

It’s false beliefs like these that leave us fearful, afraid to make the leap we want to make into the life we truly desire. Often these beliefs begin in childhood, when we try to make sense of things that happen to us or things we observe. While these beliefs may be illogical, they take hold and become the way we see the world. These unconscious “shadow beliefs” become part of our personal operating system, telling us what we can and cannot do. The people and situations we attract into our lives are consistent with those beliefs – for better or worse.

When we shine light on these unwanted parts of ourselves, we can integrate them in order to reclaim wholeness. Shifting to a new belief system that is based on the truth about ourselves is what sets us free and allows us to take that leap into the future.

An important part of this shift is forgiveness, both of yourself and others. It’s easy to fall into the “victim” trap around how your false belief system was created – but that doesn’t help you move from false beliefs about yourself to true beliefs. It’s also easy to blame ourselves for believing our false beliefs in the first place! But those are just crutches we hold onto because we are scared of letting go and leaping.

As Iyanla Vanzant said, “Forgiveness helps to transform and eliminate the energy blockages we hold in our minds about who we are and who others are, and the subsequent issues or upsets that grow from the thoughts, beliefs, and judgments we hold.”

Ask yourself these important questions:

  • What do you believe prevents you from making your jump into your new and better life?
  • What can you choose to believe instead, in order to let go and leap?

Understanding the false beliefs we hold about ourselves is the first step to letting go and leaping. By bringing them out into the light and allow them to shift, we can truly let go and jump into the future we most desire.

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