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Work Hard Play Hard

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Growing up, I never had much appreciation or reverence for play. In fact, I used to think that happiness and fun were for other people. I found play a waste of time, and believed that people who engaged in it were lazy or not on a serious path. I have since learned that play is […]

We Can Change Our Experience by Changing How We Think

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This could be a blog about what a hell of a weekend I’ve had. Day after day filled with frustration, anxiety, worry and beating myself up. But thankfully it’s not, due to a powerful internal shift that I wasn’t aware of until I actually needed to be. I’m not going to go into the long […]


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we may never know how we hold all we can or how the light catches us when we are out of breath it’s a sign of healing to be feeling again the real breakthrough can only arise from heartbreak that which ails cures reminding us that it’s always about beginning and then beginning again as […]

Following Your Heart: Allowing the Flow of Possibility

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On Saturday I took a risk. Historically, I’ve been really good at restrictive, righteous self-control and less good at following my heart. But over the past few years along my journey to finding my own truth, my own voice and my own power, I’ve learned that when we stay inside the lines too rigidly, we […]

Take Off The Cape (And Stop Trying To Save Everyone Else)

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Do you take care of others before yourself? If you’re like me, the habit of trying to fix and save others will be a tough one to break. My divorce gave me the courage to allow my true identity to emerge so I could finally stop abandoning myself for the sake of rescuing others and […]