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Work Hard Play Hard

Work Hard Play HardGrowing up, I never had much appreciation or reverence for play. In fact, I used to think that happiness and fun were for other people. I found play a waste of time, and believed that people who engaged in it were lazy or not on a serious path. I have since learned that play is not at all frivolous – it’s actually vital and healing. Especially when I work hard and play hard, choosing to balance workaholism and diligence with loving life and laughing.

Everything that needs to get done will get done. It always does. Always. Time and time again I have proven this to myself, yet it’s taken me years to really believe it. So much energy I’ve wasted in stress, procrastination and worry by trying to force myself to do this or that. Endlessly punishing myself by not allowing any fun in until I had produced. Or worse finding myself in the midst of adventures and activities, doing fun things yet not having any of the fun myself.

And then I discovered there was more to life than working all the time. {gasp}

Now I do what nourishes my soul first, knowing that I’ll be much more creative and efficient once I’ve gotten my blood flowing by hiking, running, riding my bike, skiing, etc. Productivity feeds off of play. How can you make your play work for you today?

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