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Following Your Heart: Allowing the Flow of Possibility

On Saturday I took a risk.

Historically, I’ve been really good at restrictive, righteous self-control and less good at following my heart.

But over the past few years along my journey to finding my own truth, my own voice and my own power, I’ve learned that when we stay inside the lines too rigidly, we stop the flow of allowing. Sometimes we need to burst the dam and let the pent up energy move so that new possibilities and options can emerge where before there was only stagnant, lifeless water.

The next day, I watched Elizabeth Gilbert with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday as she echoed the deep knowing of my soul. She spoke of “the quest” originating out of our questions. She spoke of “the call” – and how even when we reject the call, it won’t leave us alone. We have a choice to answer the call or refuse the call, and how answering the call ultimately makes for a better story. They mapped out Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey – it all begins with the call: “What have I come here to do with my life?”

Risk Taking, Saying YesTears streamed down my cheeks as Elizabeth Gilbert said: “For some reason, and this just boggles my imagination, there are still just huge swats of women who never got the memo that their lives belong to them. And there’s this instinct that they have that they need a permission slip from the principal’s office for anything. You are allowed to ask yourself some really important questions about your life. You are allowed to take accountability and ownership for your own journey. You’re allowed to ask what serves you sometimes, because I know you’ve been trained up to serve everyone. But you’re allowed to turn that on yourself and honor your own life that you were given.”

It took me years to stop thinking I needed that permission slip. Years to know that my life was my own and that I didn’t owe it to anyone. Years to know that the answer to freedom is self-love, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness.

I want to save you some time!

I know I have come into this lifetime to:

  • Help others get free from believing the only way to be loved is by buying it, bending over backwards with people-pleasing – when in fact we are loved for simply being ourselves
  • Teach others that permission is an inside job – nothing external will ever provide you with what you’re seeking on the inside
  • Support others in living their own lives–often for the very first time–no longer in response or reaction to anyone or anything else, but rather from their own inspiration, motivation and agency
  • Model for others that every choice matters (as my dear friend and mentor Debbie Ford would say) – our present moment choices can actually predict our future, every choice we make today is either in service of the live we desire living into, or sabotaging it
  • Guide others through the empowering processes of inquiry, revealing, owning, sharing – your greatest gift is the power to give voice to your truth and when you do there is no wrong way to live your life!

On Saturday I took a risk and followed my heart. It’s your turn now, to follow yours.

Answer “the call” by hopping on a free call with me – get that memo and give yourself the permission you need, let me lead you to launching yourself into the life of your desire. It would be my great honor to serve you by doing the very thing I have arrived in this lifetime to do.

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