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Episode 150: Encore – The Intersection of Reinvention & Shadow Work

In this encore episode of The Nancy Levin Show, we’re going to explore a topic that is very close to my heart, shadow work. Shadow work is the catalyst for reinvention because it helps you identify the qualities that are keeping you from your desires. I dive into what shadow work is, how to uncover […]

Episode 148: Encore – The Signs and Symptoms of Being a People Pleaser

Do you want to keep everybody happy all the time? Do you blame yourself for things that aren’t your fault? Take on more tasks than you can handle? If so, you might be a people pleaser—and today’s episode is for you. In this episode of The Nancy Levin Show, I dive into the root cause […]

Episode 147: Living Your Unconventional Desired Life

In this episode of The Nancy Levin Show, I discuss the power of acting on your desired vision, regardless of what is considered realistic or conventional. We often become trapped in societal expectations and beliefs that keep us from the abundance of possibility available to us. So today, I will show you how you can […]

Episode 146: Prioritizing Your Commitments

Are you truly experiencing what you say you want? If not, the opportunity to create what you desire begins with addressing what you’re most committed to.  In this episode, I share the importance of staying committed to what is most important to you through the lens of shadow work. I shed light on the concepts […]

Episode 145: Building in the Pause

If you’re tired of saying “yes” when you want to say “no”, this episode is for you! I dive into the transformative power of the pause and how to shift from impulsive reactions to authentic responses. By building in the pause you will stay in alignment with your true feelings and needs so you can […]

Episode 144: Shadow Work for Aspiring Authors, Speakers & Coaches

Sharing your personal story can be a powerful tool for connecting with others, inspiring change, and embodying your most authentic self. In this episode, I discuss how aspiring authors, speakers, and coaches can use the transformative power of shadow work to embrace their fears, turn their shadow into a source of strength. and create an […]

Episode 143: Making Your Inner Critic Your Ally

There’s an essential element to upholding mental well-being: quieting your negative self-talk. The voice of your inner critic can be relentless, and in this episode I share how you can: acknowledge and soften this voice, shift your attention to the  positive, and create self-connection practices that transform your inner critic into your most trusted ally.  […]

Episode 142: Stepping into Responsibility through Shadow Work

In this episode, I continue our deep dive into shadow work and discuss the role responsibility plays in our lives, specifically self-responsibility. I share a personal story of how responsibility impacted my relationship with my ex-husband, the consequences of my irresponsibility, and how I used shadow work to discover the lost pieces of myself so […]

Episode 141: Transforming Your Relationships through Shadow Work

In this episode, I share how shadow work has the potential to transform your relationships. Shadow work is key to creating healthy and sustainable relationships because it allows you to go within, uncover hidden patterns, and begin to heal the aspects of yourself you’ve denied in your relationships. I dive into the importance of doing […]