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Episode 152: You Are The Medicine with Asha Frost

In this episode...

In this episode of The Nancy Levin Show, I’m joined by Asha Frost, Indigenous healer and bestselling author of You Are The Medicine. Asha has spent over 15 years sharing her medicine in powerful ways through ceremonies, teachings, and speaking events to help others reclaim their roots, find their inherent healing wisdom, and rise to their power. In this episode, we discuss Asha’s healing journey and the practices she implements to stay in alignment, the teachings of the Indigenous medicine wheel, and the healing power of Mother Earth.

Listen to The Nancy Levin Show: Episode 152 to learn how you can find and tap into your inherent healing wisdom. 

Or watch the full episode on my youtube channel

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 152:

  • Asha’s personal healing journey 
  • The power of nature to provide guidance and support
  • Honoring all seasons of life
  • The Indigenous Medicine Wheel
  • The relationship between indigenous people and animal spirits

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