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An Introduction to Life Coaching Niches

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An Introduction to Life Coaching Niches (Plus a Free Guide!) When you think of your personal success as a life coach, what comes to mind?  Do you see yourself with a long waitlist of high-profile clients who need your advice on business and finance? Or maybe you want to work with people in underserved communities […]

5 Signs That You’re Ready to Be a Life Coach

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A Peek Inside the Life Coach Starter Guide 5 Signs That You’re Ready to Be a Life Coach How do we know when we’re ready to take real action and start building the life we have envisioned for ourselves? Believe it or not, this question is the source of a lot of our hesitation when […]

A Peek Inside the Life Coach Starter Guide

Your Life Coach Starter Guide

A Peek Inside the Life Coach Starter Guide Have you ever wanted to make a major change in your life but found yourself overcome with doubts and uncertainties? I know I have. Almost all of us have experienced this at some point. The thought of change can be exhilarating, but it can also be daunting. […]

The Magic of Messy Beginnings and My New Website

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From My First Website to My New Relaunch: A Lesson in Messy Beginnings If you’ve been with me for any length of time, then you know the importance I place on celebrating wins and successes. So much of the change that we work on in our lives happens behind the scenes. So, when a change […]

Telling Your Boss or Clients No!

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When I was the event director at Hay House, I was known as Queen of the Impossible.
If there was something that absolutely needed to get done, it usually fell to me because everyone knew that I could accomplish anything.

Setting Effective Boundaries in Your Relationship

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Most cultures around the world have historically revered martyrdom. We’re taught that self-sacrifice is a virtue; that the more we take care of others, the better.  From the time we’re little kids we get the message—in school and often at home—that we aren’t worthy of love unless we’re “good.” And what does “goodness” mean?  It […]

Who’s Really Violating Your Boundaries?

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How many times have you agreed to do things you didn’t want to?   You’ve said ‘yes’ when you meant ‘no.’You’ve had sex when you didn’t want to.You’ve let others speak for you without claiming your own voice.You’ve picked up the phone even though you knew it would mean listening to your mother complaining. You’re […]

Getting Zen About Boundaries

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If you’re someone who’s struggled with setting (and maintaining) boundaries, then the idea that you might be able to share your needs without anxiety, disappointment or disagreement feels impossible. At least, that’s how it was for me. For most of my life, I was a people-pleaser. The thought of sharing my needs with another seemed […]

Ignite Greater Possibility in Your Life

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There must be something more. How many times have you thought or said that to yourself out loud? There must be something more waiting for me and my life. Depending on where you find yourself and what you’re experiencing in your life right now, this statement can feel exciting and empowering, or it can feel […]

Finding Peace Through Greater Acceptance

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What do you do when the worst happens? How do you move on – especially when your worst fears come true? Whether it’s a divorce, a break-up, a death or even the closing of a business you committed yourself to, the grief we feel when something comes to an end can be devastating. It can […]