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5 Signs That You’re Ready to Be a Life Coach

A Peek Inside the Life Coach Starter Guide

5 Signs That You’re Ready to Be a Life Coach

How do we know when we’re ready to take real action and start building the life we have envisioned for ourselves?

Believe it or not, this question is the source of a lot of our hesitation when it comes to making a big change. So many of us are comfortable in the information-gathering stage, but when it comes time to put all that knowledge to use, we pull back. (I’ve been there!)

If you’re here, then there’s a good chance that you’ve been dreaming of becoming a life coach for a while. You’ve done the research, and you feel called to it. All you need is that next bit of reassurance that you’re in the right place.

To help you gain some clarity, I want to go through five of the biggest signs that you might be ready to take that next step toward your dream of becoming a life coach. 

And, at the end of the post, you’ll be able to take my free 5-minute Life Coach Quiz to gain even deeper insight into the qualities you already possess and the next steps that would be right for you.

Let’s get started.

Sign 1: You’ve Already Begun the Process of Self-Healing

I wanted to focus on this sign first because it is the single most important step you can take when you first start your journey to becoming a life coach. 

If you’re a regular reader of mine, you might be able to guess what I want to say next: notice that I said start and not finish. 

Self-healing is a lifelong process. It’s not something that has an end date.

But in order to be an effective life coach capable of guiding others through their own transformations, it is absolutely essential that you start the process of your own self-healing first.

Sign 2: You Have a Passion for Learning and Building a Skill Set

One of the most common misconceptions about becoming a life coach is that it’s an unstructured, informal, and variable process.

While this might be true in some aspects, life coaching isn’t a career that you can jump into without preparation. 

Coaching others through making big changes in their lives is about more than being a good listener and offering advice. 

Being a good life coach also means that you’ve taken the time to learn the methods and tools you’ll need in order to be an effective life coach.

If you already have a passion for knowledge and want to be able to use that knowledge to help people in deep and lasting ways, then it’s another fantastic sign that you’re ready to take this next step.

Sign 3: You’re Ready to Make a Big Change

Does the thought of making a big change enliven you? Or maybe it makes you a little nervous, but you know it’s something you need to do.

Bringing about change in your own life and the lives of others is at the heart of everything that life coaches do.

Wanting to make that change for yourself is a fantastic sign because it means you’re already somewhat in tune with your inner desires and the vision you have for your life, even if it’s only on a subconscious level.

Sign 4: You Love the Thought of Owning Your Own Business

Almost every life coach is an entrepreneur at heart.

We need to be. Especially in the beginning, this new career of yours will be all up to you. 

But that’s exciting, isn’t it?

It means you get to forge your own path and decide exactly what you want your career and your life to look like.

It also means that your clients will have the benefit of working with the most authentic version of you, rather than someone who is still trying to fit into a mold.

Sign 5: You Crave Purpose and Meaning

You know there is a better life for you. A life where you get to live as your authentic self and guide others toward their own visions and desires.

You crave purpose and meaning, and you know you can find it by helping others rekindle their power and embrace their true selves.

This is the ultimate sign that you’re ready to become a life coach.

Are You Ready for an Easy Next Step?

If you’ve gotten this far, then chances are that a lot of what I just shared with you resonated on a deep and intimate level.

That’s great!

That resonance is the feeling of your vision coming into focus.

So now I want to invite you to embrace the opportunity for even more clarity by taking my free 5-Minute Life Coach Quiz for deeper insight into where you are right now, and what your next steps should be.


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