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An Introduction to Life Coaching Niches

An Introduction to Life Coaching Niches (Plus a Free Guide!)

When you think of your personal success as a life coach, what comes to mind? 

Do you see yourself with a long waitlist of high-profile clients who need your advice on business and finance? Or maybe you want to work with people in underserved communities to help them overcome the unique challenges they face.

Whatever your vision of success is, it’s likely unique to you. And that’s how it should be!

Your life coaching business should be tailored to your strengths and passions and, most importantly, it should reflect what you want your business to look like.

If you find yourself needing some clarity on that last part then you’re in the right place. In this article we’ll talk about finding your niche as a life coach, and why choosing one that you resonate with is absolutely essential.

Are you ready?

Why You Need to Niche Down as a Life Coach

Choosing a coaching niche is one of the most important steps we can take when building a life coaching business. 

Even if you’re an experienced life coach already but you haven’t chosen a niche yet, possibilities will arise when you commit yourself to going in a direction that enhances your strengths and builds off your own personal experience.

Nearly every successful life coach I’ve known has gone through this process. 

And it makes sense, doesn’t it? 

When you’re working in a niche that resonates with you, you’re able to coach others from a place of authenticity and deep personal connection. 

Where to Start?

Now that you know why niching down is so important to your coaching business, bring your focus inward. 

In order to be an effective life coach, it’s important that we’re in tune with ourselves and our desires.

In my Claim Your Coaching Niche Guide, I take you through a writing exercise that is designed to help you gain clarity on which niche is best suited for you by focusing on which one aligns with your passions and strengths. 

But a good place to start is to ask yourself:

What kind of coach do you wish you’d had during your past challenges and struggles? 

What kind of guidance did you need during the difficult times in your life?

What support would have been helpful when things weren’t going well?

The answers to these questions won’t tell you which niche will fit you best, but they will provide some insight into the kind of guidance you may be best equipped to offer (as well as an idea of how badly the world still needs life coaches exactly like you to fill in the gaps).

Which Niche Resonates with You?

Inside my Claim Your Coaching Niche Guide, there is a thorough breakdown of the niches I’m about to go through, as well as lists of subniches to help you really hone in on the exact niche that best fits your truth.

While a certain niche might match your own professional expertise or life experience it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right one for you. When choosing a niche, your intuition will be your most powerful ally.

If you want to work with professionals…

Consider becoming a career or financial coach if you’re interested in helping people grow and develop their careers, or you have a passion for helping people cultivate healthy relationships with money. 

If you want to help people with relationships…

Being a family or relationship coach might be ideal for you if you’re passionate about helping people navigate their relationships with their loved ones. Both niches allow you to work closely with your clients to guide them toward building healthier, more fulfilling connections with one another.

If you want to help people with their personal growth…

These niches are the ones that most people think of when it comes to life coaching. Coaches who focus on the mindset, life transition, or health and wellness niches can help people recenter their lives around who they are and what they want for themselves.

Your Niche Needs You

After the last few years, the world needs skilled and specialized life coaches more than ever. But many coaches don’t know what their ideal niche can and should be…Use my (free!) comprehensive guide to discover your unique coaching niche.

Whether you’re a current life coach looking to level up your skills, an aspiring life coach, or a professional who wants to add life coaching to your list of services, my Claim Your Coaching Niche Guide will help you gain a deeper understanding of where your skills and strengths will add value to the lives of your clients.

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