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Bonus Episode: Permission to Finally Invest in Yourself

In this episode...

If you identify with being a people-pleaser, a peacekeeper, a conflict-avoider then today’s episode is for you. You likely get your sense of worthiness by what you do for, and give to, others. And, while doing and giving can be wonderful, it can also come at a cost. 

Here’s the deal: There’s no medal, no prize, no award you’re ever going to win for overdoing and overgiving. There’s no pride to be taken in making sure that everyone else has exactly what they need while you go without. Today I invite you to give yourself permission to invest in yourself. 

And if you already hear the bells going off in your head, saying something like “Isn’t that selfish?” Well, in this context, if you feel guilty about giving to yourself or doing for yourself, it’s a good sign. It’s a signal you are on the right track to honoring yourself and your own needs. I am here to support you in no longer giving every ounce of your energy, time and money to everyone else around you. And instead, check in with yourself to see what it is that you are in need of and give to yourself as well.

So, whether you’re already a life coach, or aspire to be one, or if you’re wanting to enhance your current career with life coaching skills, you may be holding yourself back to saying yes to you because you believe there is virtue in going without and making sure everyone else gets what they need first. You might not be giving yourself permission to enroll because you tend to think that giving to yourself or investing in yourself isn’t something that you can give yourself permission for.

The truth is no one can give you permission but you. It’s not only okay to give to yourself permission, it’s vital and essential to you feeling true fulfillment, satisfaction and meaning in your own life.

Levin Life Coach Academy just might be the investment in yourself you are looking for. It’s time you open up to receive the experience of what happens when you say YES to you. 

Enrollment for Levin Life Coach Academy is open now. Want to talk with someone? Book a call with our LLCA enrollment concierge to get all your questions answered.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription Bonus: Permission to Finally Invest In Yourself  

What I Discuss & Highlights From This Bonus Episode:

  • Even if you’re a people-pleaser you can still give yourself permission to invest in yourself 
  • Expanding the capacity to have what you want
  • Overcoming the obstacles to investing in yourself
  • The importance of having a Worthiness Mentor
  • No one can give you permission but you

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