The Premier Training & Certification Program For Aspiring & Existing Coaches

Do you want to build an authentic coaching business, support your personal growth, or enhance your existing profession? 

This comprehensive training & certification program will empower you with the exact tools, scripts, and proven processes you need to build a coaching practice that changes lives.


Several years ago, I identified a major gap in the world of life coach training and certification. Coaches approached me (after having spent thousands of dollars on life coach certifications) asking me how to build and grow a business. As an in-demand master life coach, I was running a thriving coaching business, guest speaking for organizations and events throughout the world, and writing bestselling books for several years. These coaches wanted to know my method for achieving success.

This is how I became a coach for coaches. After listening to experiences of acquiring costly certifications but not knowing how to get clients, or what to do once they got them, I saw A LOT missing from these programs. And I realized every single existing and aspiring life coach deserves better.


Levin Life Coach Academy has trained and certified countless coaches, providing them with a well-defined path toward success. LLCA’s training and certification program is the only program that offers live, hands-on, completely virtual instruction and personalized guidance, plus the business skills you need to become a profitable coach.

LLCA is dedicated to your personal and professional transformation. I want you to feel confident, empowered and knowledgeable to build the coaching practice you’ve been dreaming of!

Comprehensive Curriculum

You want to make a difference in the world and I believe you deserve a program that gives you everything you need to do so with confidence. LLCA supports your personal transformation through to launching and growing a business.

Tools to Transform Lives

The life coach training you choose must equip you with what you need to build the business of your dreams with scripts, concrete techniques, and a proven process to support your practice and clients.

Create a Profitable Business

Be organized and ready to hit the ground running on your first day as a life coach with a fully formatted sample client contract, client intake forms, weekly client check-in sheets, discovery scripts and more!

Credentials That Count

Learn a proven model of success and receive the best instruction possible so you’ll be prepared to support your clients through life’s biggest changes and challenges and help them reach their dreams. 

Hi, I’m Nancy Levin!

I’m a bestselling author, master life coach and the host of Your Permission Prescription podcast.

I’ve written five life-changing books (with the sixth coming Fall of 2022!) and coached thousands of people to live the best version of their lives by putting themselves first and setting boundaries that stick.

And the funny thing is that when I enrolled in life coach training, I never even thought I’d be a life coach!

At the time, I had my dream job as the Event Director at Hay House. I was already working with some of the greatest transformational leaders in the world, including Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Debbie Ford and countless others. It couldn’t get any better.

Or so I thought.




Levin Life Coach Academy

7 Months of Training — a Lifetime of Living Your Purpose

Live Video Sessions

Attend live 90-minute sessions every week via Zoom, led by Nancy Levin, and be expertly guided through each phase of the training alongside your peers.

Exclusive Coaching Platform

Access your personal learning portal where you’ll find session replays, study guides and resources to help you on your journey.

Business Toolbox

Streamline your business with a digital toolbox complete with all the scripts, contracts, exercises and templates you need to guide your clients to success.

Mentorship & Support

Match with an LLCA mentor and join small group sessions to receive ongoing support, strengthen your skills and practice coaching in a safe place.

Guided Practicum

Hone your coaching skills with an in-program practice client and out-of-program practice clients prior to certification.

Business Coaching

Upon certification, you’ll receive 10 weeks of business coaching to begin building a coaching practice or use coaching in your current career.

Learn More About The Curriculum


Reinvention Coaching

Reinvention Coaching is a foundational coaching module that will help you create profound transformation as you experience the exact coaching model you’ll share with clients. You’ll learn how to craft a powerful vision, move past your limiting beliefs, own your worth and set the boundaries you need to be the person you want to be.


Essential Life Coaching Skills

In order to be a catalyst for lasting change, you must develop the core skills every successful life coach understands! In this module you’ll learn proven methods and practical tools to master the art of listening, holding others accountable and choosing clients ready to be coached!


Coaching Script Practice

Familiarizing yourself with the Reinvention Coaching Scripts will allow you to feel confident and prepared before embarking on the Coaching Practicum. Once you’re comfortable with the content, and coaching skills, guiding your clients deeper will become second nature. 


Coaching Practicum: Individual Coaching

Working with both in-program practice clients and out-of program practice clients, you’ll begin individual coaching using the Reinvention Coaching model. With support from your mentor, you’ll boldly start to put your new skills to use.



During this final module, you’ll be required to attend a one-on-one certification session with an assessor to determine you’re ready for the responsibility associated with being a Certified Levin Life Coach.

You’ll continue to receive ongoing support from your mentor as well as the necessary feedback to help you achieve certification.

Get The Support You Need


Join Nancy in biweekly office hours to get all your questions answered and receive laser focused guidance on your path to becoming a coach.


Receive three one-on one coaching sessions and support with your LLCA mentor.

Build Your Coaching Practice

Your LLCA journey does not end with certification. You will receive the guidance you need to build your life coaching business with our 10-week LLCA Alumni Springboard.

The 10-week LLCA Alumni Springboard is included with your tuition. You’ll receive expert training on building your life-coaching business and/or additional skills you can use in your workplace.

Identify Ideal Clients

Learn how to craft client avatars and hone in on your ideal clients. This is essential for ensuring you’re serving the people you most want to work with.

Fill Your Practice

Find out where your clients will come from, how to build your network, and attract clients that want to work with you.

Embody Confidence

Move past fears, doubts and limiting beliefs regarding your business. You will learn to enter the life coaching space with complete confidence.

Business Implementation

Receive guidance for starting and running a business, including legalities, proper banking, insurance and more.

Market Yourself

Develop your core brand message. Learn how to create your own website and grow your social media presence.

Define Yourself as a Coach

Understand who you are as a coach and what your mission is. We cover values, empathy, and authority.

At the end of 10 weeks, you'll be offered an opportunity to continue on in the Alumni Advanced Training Program for an annual fee to receive certification in additional coaching models and group coaching, advanced business training and ongoing support.

Enrollment Will Open In 2023!

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Meet Your Team


Nancy Levin

Founder of Levin Life Coach Academy & Principal Trainer


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Enrollment Concierge

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Linda Perry

Lead Business Trainer


Reenie Vincent

Community Director

Chris Gipple

Christine Gipple


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Michael Mammina


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Jo Young


Is LLCA For Me?

The demand for life coaches is growing exponentially every year. Many life coaches have to place people on a waitlist because they simply do not have the space to accommodate everyone in need.

In the last five years, the search query “life coach near me” surged by 2,900% and the search query “life coach vs therapist” surged 160%. The data speaks for itself!

The world needs more life coaches. 

Choosing the right life coach training and certification program is the foundation on which you build your success. If any of these sound like you, then LLCA is for you.

I Have a Career

You already have a career, and suspect life coach certification will help you find deeper purpose and elevate the work you do.


I am a Therapist

You are a trained and credentialed clinician, and you’d like to offer life coaching services to your clients.


I’m Already a Coach (Certified)

You’re already certified as a life coach, and want additional training to achieve better results.


I’m Looking for a Side Hustle

You have a full life, and would like to explore the option of life coaching part-time.


I’m Seeking a Life Change

You’ve reached a place in your life where you know change is necessary, and becoming a life coach might be the right direction.


I’m Already a Coach (Not Certified)

You have a coaching business, and question whether you need certification to go further.


“But, Nancy…”

Enrollment Will Open In 2023!

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