Your Inner Eclipse:

Embrace Your Shadow
To Find Your Light

An 8-Week Shadow Work
Group Coaching Experience With Nancy Levin

​​In times of inner and outer turmoil, shadow work is an essential tool for radiating your hidden power.

Your shadow is made up of all the parts of yourself that you reject out of shame, fear, disapproval, embarrassment or arrogance — both the positive and the negative. 

But the truth is, these are the very places where your purpose and brilliance hide.

Integrating your shadow is a process that mirrors the phases of the moon. We see the moon in different phases throughout the month, from new to full and new again. When it’s fully illuminated by the sun, it appears as a perfect round ball. But when the moon is waxing or waning, you only see parts of it, while other parts remain immersed in darkness. However, the moon is always whole, no matter what you do or don’t see. It is simply revealing or concealing parts of itself at different times.

We do the same thing: We spend a good chunk of our lives concealing parts of ourselves we don’t want to be and don’t want others to see. But no matter what, we are still whole, made up of shadow and light. 

Your Inner Eclipse symbolizes the moments when your unconsciously hidden parts begin to emerge and illuminate.

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With what you’re about to experience in the next 8 weeks, you’ll have the tools to consciously embrace your shadow to live your light. 

It’s my honor to hold space and facilitate this journey for you.​


​​During this 8-week experience I will guide you through the 7 alchemical steps of Your Inner Eclipse:
​​During this 8-week experience I will guide you through the 7 alchemical steps of Your Inner Eclipse:

Socrates famously said, "the unexamined life is not worth living", which could very well be the greatest endorsement of shadow work there is.

Nancy Levin

What's included? ​

Imagine being free of any fears holding you back from living your life to the fullest. This is what's on the other side of your courageous action.

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