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Uncover Your Desires!

What do you want, just for you?

For most of my life, I didn’t know what it meant to want anything for myself. I lived solely in reaction to the needs and wants of others, rather than my own. I was in touch with what I could give others, but I had no idea what my own desires were.

When I first connected with my desires, they seemed crazy and selfish. I thought they were over the top and in some cases even a waste of money. But slowly, I expanded what I thought was possible for me and allowed myself to have more of what I desired. I started to see that some of my desires weren’t so crazy after all—I just had to take my head out of the sand. Then, I could give myself permission to want beyond what I thought was possible.

The process culminated in hiring a woman to come to my home in Boulder once a week and cook healthy food for me. I’d been traveling a lot and all too often would arrive home after a long trip to an empty kitchen. Also I hated to cook, so I’d either grab something quick to eat . . . or just not eat at all. Having this wonderful personal chef fill my fridge during that time was a fabulous convenience since the food she made was ready for me to heat and serve.

I also discovered that it wasn’t that much more expensive than going to the grocery and buying food to make myself. So why did it feel like such an extravagance? Just because of my mind-set. The idea of having a personal chef always seemed like something only the very wealthy would do. But my mind-set had nothing to do with reality. Not only was a chef within the realm of possibility, but within the realm of practicality and reason. Still, it took some work to get to a place where I believed I was worthy of paying someone to cook for me, as opposed to simply opening a can of soup.

That experience made me realize that pieces of my desired life are attainable much sooner than I thought. I’m living proof that you can absolutely increase what you believe is possible for you to have!

But first, like me, you have to figure out what your desires are. Even after my clients have worked on becoming willing to be worthy, many of them still ask the question, worthy of what? It’s true that “What do I want?” can be one of the hardest questions to answer—especially for women.

And hey, even if you feel you know full well what you want, I’ll bet you can expand your desires even further.

Now, I’m not just talking about wanting objects like cars and houses and jewelry for the sake of accumulating “stuff.” I’m talking about a better quality of life, one in which abundance flows freely to you and from you. I’m talking about a way of life that allows you to be full and then overflow in generosity to others—both in terms of your finances and in terms of the qualities you want to receive and express in your life.

Today I am talking about YOUR desires, not fulfilling the desires of others. You have to fill yourself before you have anything to give. For now, allow yourself to marinate in the feeling of wanting. Let it be okay to have desires just for you—because in truth, you absolutely deserve them.

 I want to help you uncover your own desires in 2017. You deserve it!

Join me for my next Complimentary Worthy Group Coaching Call and reclaim your self-worth!



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