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Uncover What Keeps You Joylessly Holding Onto the Past

Last Friday I had a surprise overnight getaway with my man. On Saturday morning I woke naturally, as usual – anywhere between 5am and 6am is fair game for me – but unexpectedly, there was no possible way I could get out of bed. I was bone tired, and instead of poking, prodding and guilting myself with shoulds, I settled back in and allowed sleep to take me. Two hours later, completely rested and refreshed, I was ready to greet the day of adventure awaiting.

uncover what keeps you joylessly holding onto the pastI’ve always been a “morning person” and absolutely love the early moments I get to myself, before time starts gunning for a marathon finish. I’ve also spent most of my life as a highly responsible over-achiever, viewing any lingering in bed as lazy and irresponsible. Thankfully, through all the shadow work I’ve immersed myself in, I’ve since learned to embrace, own and integrate those disowned parts of myself. I now listen to my body – respecting and responding to its real-time rhythms instead of holding it to some sterile standard the way I used to.

Allowing myself to sleep when I need to, and move my body how and when it wants to, honors my alive desire instead of defaulting to auto-pilot by operating on old outdated rules that no longer serve me.

I used to equate fun and play with being lazy and irresponsible. No more. I’m repeatedly reminded that everything needing to get done will get done. It always does. Especially when I work hard and play hard. No more wasting precious time with worry and self-punishment when I could be out loving life and laughing.

The time for joy is now!

If you want the same catalytic experience that first propelled me into this life I truly love, if you want to uncover the shadows that keep you joylessly holding onto the past, and own the parts of yourself that continue to rob you of love, intimacy and success, if you want to move beyond your fears into freedom and power, The Shadow Process is for you!  December 5-7, take a weekend away from your current life to build the foundation for the life you want to live into. You will reclaim the self-confidence and self-esteem to love and be loved like never before.

Give yourself the gift of your own undivided attention. It’s time to make peace with your past, by being guided to explore and heal the issues that keep you from experiencing the brilliance of and peace of your authentic self.

What are you waiting for? The first step to the life you want is just one click away.

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