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The Intersection of Self-Worth and Net Worth

Your Worth

One of the most important lessons I learned after I went out on my own is that self-worth and net worth are proportional. When I increased my self-worth enough to pursue my dreams, I automatically increased my net worth. What a surprise it was to see that I could grow my net worth outside of a full-time job! Of course, I’m not the first person who’s done that, but so many of us have a hard time believing it’s possible.

The truth is that whatever your beliefs about your worthiness, they will directly affect the amount of financial ease you can create in your life. As I’ve said, this is the main reason some people find that the “law of attraction” becomes blocked or hits a ceiling. No matter how many exercises they do to become magnetic and abundant, their financial situation remains the same. Deep unconscious beliefs about self-worth are the missing pieces of the puzzle.

It’s up to us to take the actions necessary to clear these obstacles. And it’s a lifelong journey. You’ll never get bored because there will always be more to learn about yourself. We’re nothing if not wonderfully complex beings.

Yes, it takes work to get past the programming of our childhoods. But it isn’t a burden. It’s something to cherish and relish. As adults, we have a wonderful opportunity. We can choose to base our identities on who we truly are inside—the personality, the essence we came into this life with.

This is who you were before you were imprinted with anybody else’s opinions—imperfect, human, thoroughly beautiful, and oh so worthy. Trust me: There’s so much more possible for you, and self-worth is the key! All you have to do is turn it, and the door will open.

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