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Is it resistance or wisdom?

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  When we stop resisting and surrender to the situation exactly as it is, things begin to change. —Debbie Ford How do you know if what you’re feeling is just resistance and not a sign that making a life change would be a mistake? How do you know if it’s an excuse in logical clothing […]

The Blessing of Worthiness

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Our excuses come in all kinds of sneaky disguises that cause us to think they make a lot of sense. But really, they’re very similar to our limiting beliefs. Excuses take our beliefs and run with them. You could say they’re just our beliefs in sheep’s clothing. When excuses take hold, our self-imposed limitations are […]

Are you willing to be Worthy?

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How do we take stock of our worthiness quotient? First and foremost, we notice ourselves in the act of self-judgment. One of the easiest ways to tell if your self-worth could use a tune-up is judgment. Do you get very upset when you make a mistake? Do you say, “Argghh! I’m such an idiot!” Do […]