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The Blessing of Worthiness

The blessing of worthiness is yours.

Our excuses come in all kinds of sneaky disguises that cause us to think they make a lot of sense. But really, they’re very similar to our limiting beliefs. Excuses take our beliefs and run with them. You could say they’re just our beliefs in sheep’s clothing. When excuses take hold, our self-imposed limitations are no longer just thoughts. Our excuses actually stop us cold from moving forward in our lives. They’re always based in fear, and their aim is inaction. Even when we use an excuse to take an action like over-spend, it’s actually inaction in another area.

Excuses are actually just well-packaged resistance. But our resistance also has a lot to do with our self-worth. When we feel worthy, we don’t resist what’s good for us. We feel we deserve what we want, so we find it much easier to step right over our fears and go for it. That’s the blessing of worthiness! If we don’t feel we deserve what we want, we let resistance keep us down.

Resistance is an unconscious protective defense mechanism, a programmed reaction rather than a conscious choice. Avoidance, disinterest, and inaction are programmed reactions to a perceived threat. Whatever way we choose to fight against or deny something that seems threatening, if we look under the hood, we’ll always find resistance…and under that will be self-worth issues.

Now, our resistance was put into place for very good reasons—to protect us when we were small and defenseless. Later in life, though, that same resistance protects us from joy and expansiveness, from reaching our potential and fulfillment. We protect ourselves from imagined hurts and defeats, huddling up within a comfort zone that was built for us as children.

Of course, not all resistance is bad. It’s smart to resist anything that isn’t good for us. It’s when we resist the good and create excuses to hold us back that we unwittingly create exactly what we don’t want in life. You may have heard the phrase, “what we resist persists”—it’s a common adage only because it’s true.

Honoring your resistance means you don’t bulldoze over the parts of you that are afraid. Yet there comes a time when you have to work through the fear and get on with the business of letting the excuses go so we can live a full, juicy life!

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