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So, what is your one different choice?

Movement mobilizes possibility, and change begins with making a different choice. Take one powerful action today and everything will begin to shift and crack open.

Making one different choice for yourself can have an enormous impact as you move toward jumping into your new and better life.

When you do one thing differently, you dissolve a pattern and prove to yourself that there is life beyond the familiar. I’m not going to pretend that this is always a smooth process and that these changes happen overnight.

During the transition from leaving behind our old beliefs and creating new ones, we start to notice our patterns. For example, while the new beliefs are in the process of becoming “installed” to upgrade our operating system, we become more aware of when we misinterpret situations based on our old beliefs. We catch ourselves in the act of thinking and behaving in limited ways. Or we notice ourselves attracting a situation that’s similar to one we attracted in the past—and we make a conscious choice not to engage in the old pattern. This is how change happens, and how our beliefs cease to have power over us.

Remember not to beat yourself up for excuses that held you back in the past! We can’t turn back the clock, but we can start again right now.

Your present moment choices are the crystal ball that will predict your future.

This is the powerful truth, and it is the truth you can discover for yourself! Join the discussion with me on Facebook. 


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