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Saying “Yes” to You!

Say Yes to You!One way to tell the “condition” of our self-worth is in how well we care for ourselves. Just as we demonstrate our love for others through our actions, we demonstrate self-worth through making sure we’re eating well, sleeping enough, and exercising enough. We say “Yes!” to ourselves, taking time for what we need in order to feel good. That might be meditation. A walk in the park. A hot bath. A talk with a friend. Alone time.

It also means taking credit for our progress and our successes. We pat ourselves on the back when we do something well. We acknowledge our talents and abilities. We notice our growth.

If that sounds conceited, check yourself. Healthy pride comes from a place of knowing your worth. Arrogance actually comes from a lack of self-worth. It’s putting on a good show of self-worth, but it isn’t real worthiness. Do you know someone who has healthy self-confidence, yet isn’t boastful or arrogant? That person could be a good role model. Even if you don’t know anyone personally, you can probably find someone in public life who exhibits that kind of confidence. What would it feel like to take healthy pride in what you do and who you are?

Remember that healthy self-worth isn’t a plateau to ever be reached. There’s no “ultimate” or “perfect” state of self-worth. No matter where you start, you have the opportunity to improve.

The first step to a healthier self-worth is saying “Yes!” to you. “Yes” to the time you need to be by yourself, or to be with friends. “Yes” to taking care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual self. “Yes” to celebrating your success, in your own way. Only when we love ourselves can we fully believe and accept the love of others. 

You are worth saying “Yes!” to you!

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