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Risk… embrace it!

As you make your jump and learn to say yes more often, here’s an important truth to keep in mind: There is no destination. You’re never “there.” You’re always becoming. You’ll always be jumping—over and over and over. And that’s a good thing.

As so many opportunities came my way on the heels of both my big jumps and I thought to myself, “I must remember that it happens this way! If I let go, trust, and jump, I will be safe and showered with extraordinary surprises.”

Even though change can be challenging and painful at times, the risk has always been worth it!

At some point after your decision to leap into your new life, the foundation might begin to crack beneath you and crumble again. You will probably find yourself at the edge of an all-too-familiar cliff, terrified to jump, and struggling to remember that you were safe with ground growing below you, supporting your courage and willingness to change. When that happens, remind yourself of what happened when you jumped before.

Allow the wiser part of you to counsel the frightened part of you. Even if the transition was difficult, recall the many rewards that awaited you on the other side.

Regular small jumps followed by big leaps are a part of the package. In order to risk anything, we have to be willing to risk everything.

Of course, I realize that releasing your fears about jumping into the unknown is easier said than done. We want to know what we’re jumping to. We want an ironclad guarantee about the certainty of our decision to jump. But the truth is that opportunity and possibility are borne in the unknown and uncertainty.

The goal is not to arrive at a destination but to get to the point where your whole life is one big leap. Life is like a video game—the reward for winning one level is an even harder level. You simply become more comfortable with spontaneity, taking chances and the invitation to change.

Life is just a series of course corrections. If you are making choices and taking actions in alignment with your truth, there’s no wrong way to live your life.

So, begin to look for the jumps and what is waiting for you, what you can change and what you can say yes to.

One day soon you’ll begin to feel comfortable outside of your comfort zone and you’ll welcome the feeling of being slightly off balance because you enjoy the growth process.

Are you ready to embrace risk and learn to look for your next Jump? Join the conversation with me on Facebook.

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