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Retiring as Superwoman from Perfectionville

Hi, my name is Nancy, and I’m a Recovering Perfectionist.

I grew up placing all my self-worth in the hands of others. I based my worthiness on how perfectly I could do everything and thought the external validation I received – especially for accomplishing and achieving the impossible – would fill me and make me feel loved and appreciated.

I now know that all the gold stars in the world cannot earn me the recognition and love that can only be found within my own heart.

I once held so tightly to a façade of perfection, I had trouble seeing anything else. And I only wanted to be seen through the carefully crafted lens I provided for all the people I was busy pleasing. But even still, somewhere deep down where I dared not look, the truth was nesting and it took me years to take the first step in jumping into my new life – I admitted to myself what I already knew to true.

It is only by fully participating in life—letting others see us for all of who we are—can we live the full life we all want so much. We can’t be loved for all of who we are unless we allow ourselves to be seen for all of who we are.

As I went through my process of making change, and jumping, the people I feared revealing myself to the most rallied around me the fiercest.

Everything changed for me when I was willing to take off the armor; when I was willing to allow myself to be seen, no longer having to uphold this image of Superwoman.

Let’s not default to hiding anymore. Hiding is actually a way of giving up on life instead of trusting it.

I’m not saying that won’t be criticized. I imagine we’ve all experienced revealing vulnerable parts of ourselves to others, only to have them express judgments. That’s why we started withholding parts of ourselves in the first place…we thought we needed to in order to be loved and accepted.

If I had never been willing to stand up and offer my vulnerability in front of people, I wouldn’t have experienced such wonderful connections on the other side of my fear.

And now, I commit to no longer package myself in order to be digestible by others.

Remember, your worth and value are in who you are not what you do!

Do you have a tendency to trade your authentic power for morsels of praise and acceptance? Are you ready to give it up? Join the conversation with me on Facebook.


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