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Need to flex your dreaming and visioning muscles?

I did my first – totally impromptu – Periscope broadcast on Monday afternoon while I was out for a hike on the Rim Trail in Snowmass, CO. Earlier in the day as I watched my friend Gabby Bernstein broadcasting I noticed I had an authentic desire to as well! In that moment I made a commitment to myself that I would Periscope before the end of the day! If you’re not on the Periscope bandwagon yet hop on, it’s super-cool! You can find me there @nancylevin and you’ll be instantly notified when I’m broadcasting live video so you can comment and send hearts (their version of ‘likes’) in real time!

I turned the volume down on the recovering perfectionist inside of me and hit that “Start Broadcast” button without any idea of what I would say or do.

I received several comments, one in particular from someone asking me for the best advice from the top of the mountain. I said, “Nothing is ever too high to climb. Nothing is unattainable. No desire is out of reach.”

It’s what I’ve learned in my own life – and by coaching my clients through an exercise called 50 Desires.

In Jump! Coaching, we follow a self-nourishing practice that allows us to get deeply in touch with our desires. To make it easy to remember these practices, we use the aptly named mnemonic device of J-U-M-P.

In J-U-M-P,  the U is Urge: We connect to our longings and yearnings as we create and maintain a list of 50 Desires

Moving through the Jump! Coaching Process will activate desires in you – many of which you’ve been unaware of!

Get curious! As parts of you awaken and express their wants and needs to you – write it down.

As you flex your dreaming and visioning muscles you begin to see that no desire is unattainable.

The mind will keep you in a box if you let it, but once it’s free it to roam it can also help us create more than we ever imagined.

This isn’t about waiting for the universe to provide, it’s all about taking action – the actions we feel most urged to take – and knowing that we’re worthy!

It’s been 12 weeks since one of my clients wrote her list, and already, 18 of her desires have come true. When she saw that boosting her self-worth made a difference in her ability to make her desires real, the experience only boosted her self-worth further. Each time we create something great for ourselves, we feel worthy of more.

I’d like you try something with me right now.

Write the numbers 1-50 on a piece of paper,  in your journal, in a doc on your computer or tablet, or even in the notes app on your phone!

Settle in and take a deep breath…

Imagine what freedom freedom feels like.

Allow yourself to be surprised by what you envision.

Really see and feel yourself living freely.

•What what you’re doing
•How it feels in your body
•What’s possible and available to you if you drop the excuses
•What your life look would like if no one could criticize or praise you

Allow your mind to expand and ask yourself:  “How is this free life different from the life I’m living right now?”

Don’t allow your mind to become bogged down with “how” you will make any of your desires happen. Too often, we overwhelm ourselves with thoughts like, “I could never get this, so I won’t even think about it.”  Allow yourself to dream without the implementation plan in place. So please don’t worry about logistics yet! Just begin to name—and claim for yourself—what it is that you want.

Allow yourself to bathe and bask in your fantasy of freedom. This is the foundation for your 50 Desires – and the new life you’re jumping into!

The list can include desires that cost money and desires that have nothing to do with money. The idea is to let your mind fly without censoring. Don’t get up from your seat until you’ve written a desire next to each number. Encompass the tiny wants, as well as the huge, deep, and frivolous.

The only rule is that only five on the list of 50 can be “altruistic” desires for other people. Everything else has to be for the self.

Now, it’s time to write out your 50 Desires in one sitting. Yes. I. Said. One. Sitting.

You’ve got nothing to lose but old beliefs, habits and patterns that no longer serve you 😉

Let me know how it goes! Join the conversation with me on Facebook.


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