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My Week of Embracing NEW

My Week of Embracing NewThis week I’m jumping into all sorts of new experiences, including: ski clinics, workshopping material for my next book, and dance lessons!

In the past, fear of the unknown used to shut me down. Hell, let me be honest here. Fear of not knowing, being out of my comfort zone and out of control and having to learn something new is what shut me down. As my skate ski instructor said to me yesterday, “Oh, I get you! You want to just know how to do this without having to learn.”


And when I told him it was hard, he said, “Hey, Life Coach, is that what you tell your clients when the going gets tough?”


Amidst my frustration, I had been seen by him…and I had to laugh at myself!

I immediately thought of Steps 4 and 10 in the Jump! Coaching process: Make One Different Choice and Say Yes…And Then Say It Again…And Again

I had to remind myself that I’m about due for another massive reframe.

Time to really let go of needing to do it right in order to have fun.

Time to truly remember the freedom in not knowing and not having to be an expert.

Time to seriously enjoy the journey.

Today, as I embrace new, I know that joy is a choice.

It’s up to me and only me.

I am the only obstacle to my joy.

Here’s my mantra this week: It’s more important to have fun than to do it right or be good at it.

And today I had a breakthrough out there. I skate skied around the entire track! It wasn’t pretty, but I did it. With a smile.

Oh wow, I can hardly wait to report back after my first dance class! 😉

As I continue to release myself from the ways I still hold myself back and embrace new, I love nothing more than supporting others to do the same. While my private, one-to-one coaching has a wait list, I’m beginning to fill me my next two Jump! Coaching Groups beginning in April!

If you’re still not sure that my Jump! Coaching process is right for you, I’m offering you a spot on a complimentary call to test the waters.  There are seven (yes, 7!!) complimentary coaching calls to choose from. Jump! in and join me so you can make the choices that create desired changes in your life! Click here to register for a free call.










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