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Make One Different Choice

Making One Different ChoiceEach time my Jump! Coaching clients reach Step 4, Make One Different Choice, change begins to amplify. It is my honor to support them in making one different choice so they can dissolve a pattern and prove to themselves that there is life beyond the familiar.

It’s clear to see that your past choices got you to this present moment, right? So that means that your present choices will take you into the future. Learning how to choose – and how to make different choices – makes that future brighter.

The routine in which you live your life may give you the feeling of control. But it’s actually an illusion to feel or think you’re in control. You’re actually less in control when you hold rigidly on to the familiar because you’re enslaved by fear. You’re not free to move with the pulse of life. When you make different choices, you are entering the flow. You can follow your truth and your desire, creating the kind of life you most want.

Making a different choice – even just one – may feel challenging to you. There are repercussions when you make a different choice.

One choice may not sound like a lot, but making one different choice can have an enormous impact as you move toward jumping into your new better life. Sometimes we tiptoe an inch at a time toward the new. Each step we take will give us more courage and more permission to take the next step.

Join me tomorrow on my Hay House Radio Show,  Jump Start Your Life, as I discuss how taking action with one change in one area of your life can lead way to an avalanche of results and effect other areas of your life you never dreamed possible. A coaching client who has experienced this magnificent impact will be joining me to share how her one different choice reverberated into areas that she never imagined could be changed. Listen Here and bring your questions; I am live on the air at 9 AM MT/ 11 AM ET. You can call in toll free from the US and Canada by dialing (866) 254-1579, and Internationally by dialing your International Code and then (760) 918-4300

Are you ready to see what can happen when you make one different choice?

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