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Episode 31: Live Coaching: Time Management for Self-Care, Resolving Shadow Beliefs, and Making Difficult Parenting Decisions

In this episode...

In Levin Life Coach Academy I often say we must coach from the scar, not the wound. In this episode you will hear me live coaching 4 Levin Life Coach Academy students who are facing their wounds so they can move toward what they want in their lives.

Meg seeks better time-management skills so she can commit to a self-care routine. I guide Meg to understand the steps she needs to take, and the boundaries that need to be established so she can optimize her time.

Sally requires help with shadow beliefs holding her back, keeping her stuck in her people-pleasing ways. I support Sally to develop action steps she can take to overcome these beliefs, stop seeking outside validation, and empower herself.

Jen’s 10-year old son is struggling with ADHD, creating a constant feeling of crisis in her household. She is trying to determine if she should send him to boarding school, and whether that decision would truly be in the best interest of her son and everyone in her family. I coach Jen to stop projecting thoughts and feelings onto her son, and consider alternate perceptions within her decision making process.

Jean’s struggle with her shadow belief of “I am not enough” is impacting her business and her ability to charge what she’s truly worth. I coach Jean to get clear on the value she provides, and we discuss business choices she can make moving forward to ensure she is honoring her time.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 31 to uncover and overcome limiting shadow beliefs, set boundaries to protect your time, and how to stop projecting your feelings onto potential outcomes when making challenging decisions.

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 31:

  • Why focusing on benefits can help you establish boundaries that protect your time.
  • What shadow beliefs are and where they come from
  • How to uncover and overcome shadow beliefs that are holding you back
  • Identifying when you’re mistakenly projecting meaning onto something—even with the best of intentions
  • How to shift your perception when making difficult life decisions
  • Why overgiving can translate to devaluing yourself

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