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I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…

You know that suffering your experiencing…well, it’s directly related to your own interpretation of the situation.

Huh? What?

Listen. Here’s the deal: Our stories – our interpretations, conclusions and what we make things mean – keep us stuck and cause us pain.

And your ticket to freedom lies in separating out the fiction that you wrap around the facts!

When you can discern fact from fiction, fact from belief, and truth from excuse, you can finally move forward toward whatever it is you desire!

Unfortunately, most of us are wired to create fictions that are negative, disempowering and hold us back.

Facts are charge neutral. It’s the fictions we create and cling to that wreak havoc with our emotions.

Think about it. How invested are you in your fictions and your dramas?
What impact do your interpretations have on the rest of your life?
How have you let them define your identity?

Try this exercise for starters:

The fact is…
My interpretation is…
What I make it mean about me is…
A new, positive and empowering interpretation I can choose to propel me forward is…

Give it a go with a few of your stories and share what you discover with me over on Facebook.

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