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I Never Meant to Be a Coach

Did you know that I never meant to be a life coach?

In fact, I thought I had already landed my dream job when I became the Event Director at Hay House. What could be more rewarding than the opportunity to share some of the greatest thought leaders with the world through the events I produced?

I worked with the incredible Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Debbie Ford and Gabby Bernstein (among so many others) and had the opportunity to share the stage as the people’s ambassador to these great hearts and minds.

I never imagined that one day I would be leading others to help them find the best version of themselves.

Especially since I was turning toward coaching, and a life coaching training program, specifically to heal myself.

I was right in the middle of the worst time of my life – my divorce – when I had to admit to those around me that my life wasn’t as it seemed.

I so badly wanted others to believe I was perfect and I worked hard to be that person for everyone – including those I worked with.

It was tough to admit that the queen of doing the impossible, needed some help herself.

It was at that time when my friend and mentor, Debbie Ford suggested that I join her life coach training program as a way to heal my pain and uncover who I really was.

After all the years of stuffing my own needs down, in service of everyone else’s, Debbie suggested that it was high time to pull my limiting beliefs out from the shadows and embrace a new way of being.

During those early days of my training, I felt very raw as I began my deep inner work . . . unsure how much to share of myself or even to see my vulnerability as a gift and allow it  to shine through.

But with Debbie’s encouragement,  the support of those closest to me, and the willingness of my fellow classmates to be just as vulnerable, I started to witness a different me emerging.

I discovered the possibility of personal transformation – it was with awe and excitement that I uncovered the true source of my people-pleasing, overachieving behaviors – and do something about it to instill lasting change.

But even halfway through the program, I still had no real intention of becoming a coach (let alone write a book!) I was simply in awe of the profound healing that was happening for me – and of the woman emerging who became unafraid to claim her place in the world!

It was all so new for me, but other people began to notice the change.

I was learning to say no and set boundaries.
I could finally pay attention to my own needs – even in little ways.
I found my voice and started to share my story with an eager audience.

I also experienced a shift when my dear friend and teacher, Debbie Ford, passed away in the middle of our training. She had been my champion of change – cheering me on and supporting me to uncover a bigger version of myself and take on larger role in facilitating change for others. 

What did all this mean for me?

While I can’t say that it was her passing that led me to become a coach,  Debbie left such a profound mark on me and opened the door to a life filled with greater purpose than I had ever imagined. 

In her teachings, she would often share about how we are everything we could see out in the universe. There was no quality or emotion we can see in someone else, that isn’t  a direct reflection of ourselves – both light and dark. 

When others would praise Debbie, telling her how incredible she was or how deeply she changed their lives, she would always remind them that anything they saw in her was really a reflection of themselves.  

It wasn’t that Debbie didn’t want to celebrate herself – it was simply that she understood how true healing was giving others the permission to see themselves as the catalyst of their own change. 

When I experienced the power of that truth myself – that we can all inherently heal ourselves when we’re shown the way – I began to see how being a life coach could be my next big leap.

Now . . . I know you might be wondering why I’m sharing this with you.

Well, since I’ve become a coach, I’ve written five books and coached thousands of people to make lasting change in their lives – and I still have a deep reverence for the power of this meaningful work. Over the years, many of you have asked when am I going to create a life coach certification program allowing you to become an ambassador of this incredible work. 

And each time I’ve been asked, I just wasn’t sure if it was part of my own personal journey.

At least, it wasn’t until I knew I could deliver a program in an incredibly deliberate way, by creating a program that offers the same caliber of training I experienced and also helps show you what it means to build a life coaching business (or how to use it in your current career).

A program that offers real transformation.

A program that offers skills, scripts and tools.

A program that gives you access behind the scenes of the way I’ve built my own business.

Over the last few months I’ve been working hard with my team . . . and I have something special to share.

This month, I’m launching my life coach training and certification program designed to help you truly heal and guide others to find their own great healing. 

I’m sharing this with you here since I know so many of us feel like we were born to help others – but we start in the middle of the story. We run to help others before we know what it means to heal ourselves.

For me, it was vital that I experience true healing before I could commit to becoming a coach – and this is what I want for you.

If you’ve been contemplating a career in life coaching, I invite to join the priority list so that you’ll be the first to know when the doors open for my life coach training and certification program later this  month.

Enrollment will be by application only and I’m offering some very special promotions for those of you on the priority list (including early access to interviews with our enrollment concierge).

So, if you’re ready to explore life coaching as a career, or even if you feel drawn to go deeper with your own personal transformation, I promise this will be life-changing.

Secure your spot on the priority list today and get early access to the Levin Life Coach Academy!


P.S. TLDR (too long didn’t read)? Click here to get on the priority list for my new life coach training and certification program coming later this month!!

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