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Hey, What’s Stopping You?

Are you where you want to be? Shadow Beliefs

If you aren’t…if you feel stuck and at the mercy of your limiting beliefs…do you ever wonder why?

Two words: Shadow Beliefs.

Shadow Beliefs live in the shadows of our unconscious and are formed as we interpret and assign meaning to the significant events or incidents we experience early in our lives.

When emotionally charged events occur and we’re too young to process and digest them we internalize the experiences and make them mean something personal about us. If negative, this conclusion we draw becomes the shadow belief that governs our every move and holds us back from our limitless potential.

Some examples of Shadow Beliefs are:

  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m unworthy
  • I’m unovable
  • I’m stupid

…and it’s likely that you have more than one!

Our young minds are like little computers, and we become programmed by our shadow beliefs. The beliefs we carry with us from childhood may be illogical, but they take hold and become the way we see the world. They are the unconscious shadow beliefs that become part of our personal operating systems. They tell us what we can and cannot do. The people and situations we attract into our lives are consistent with those beliefs — for better or worse. We can’t perform functions that are outside of the system’s abilities … not unless we reprogram the system.

As adults, we continue this unconscious, habitual, compulsive way of being without any awareness as to why. It’s only when we bring our shadow beliefs into conscious awareness in adulthood that we can see the hold they’ve had over us as well as the gifts they offer. Then, we can shine light on these unwanted parts of ourselves, stop pushing them away, and integrate them in order to reclaim wholeness.

We can transform our Shadow Beliefs by identifying when we formed them and then consciously choosing a new meaning or interpretation. By doing this we replace the old, outdated shadow belief with a new, empowering and supportive belief that serves us now and propels us from being stuck into where we truly desire to be.

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