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Episode 77: Gratefulness, Thankfulness, and Looking for What’s Right

In this episode...

As Thanksgiving approaches in the US, in this episode of Your Permission Prescription I reflect on gratitude and thankfulness. 

Imagine what your life would be like if you defaulted to the positive instead of the negative, if you started looking for what’s right instead of what’s wrong. Either way it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, so why not look for what is good!

Everything that happens in our lives contributes to who we are and will become. I’m grateful for every experience I’ve had and grateful for every version of myself that came before. Grateful for every choice I’ve made because all of it made ME.

I invite you into this inquiry: How can you celebrate what is going well? How can you put more energy and focus towards what lights you up, and let it flourish?

Learn to celebrate who you are by checking out my book – Jump, And Your Life Will Appearhttps://nancylevin.com/nancy-levin-books/#jump 

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 77 to feel more gratitude for what’s going well.

What I Discuss & Highlights From Episode 77:

  • How our negativity bias keeps us from connecting with the “good” in life.
  • What are beliefs…and, how are they different from facts.
  • How to shift your perspective to looking for the positive, no matter how small.
  • How to be grateful for WHAT you have and WHO you are.

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