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Episode 69: Become a Successful Life Coach: What to Expect When You Sign-up for LLCA

In this episode...

If you’re curious about becoming a life coach, or you’re a life coach who wants to experience greater success, or you’re a professional who wants to show up as a better leader in your current career, then THIS is the episode for you.

In today’s episode of Your Permission Prescription, I’ll be sharing what you can expect when you join LLCA, why LLCA is the most comprehensive life coach training and certification program available, and why LLCA is the program for you. You’ll hear a module-by-module breakdown of the educational content in my course, how LLCA helps you become a business owner as well as a life coach, and how LLCA enhances your current career.

And while you’re at it, I encourage you to listen to Episode 67: 3 Reasons LLCA is Right for You (and 3 Reasons it’s Not) and also Episode 68: Inside the Life-Changing Experience of LLCA.

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Enrollment for LLCA is open now at nancylevin.com/levin-life-coach-academy  

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 69 to hear a detailed breakdown of each value-packed module in LLCA.

What I Discuss & Highlights From Episode 69:

  • How LLCA helps you become a life coach + business owner.
  • Why all content in LLCA is LIVE in realtime and nothing is pre-recorded.
  • Listen to a breakdown of each value-packed module of LLCA.
  • Adding a life coaching certification to your existing career or business.

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