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Episode 59: The Relationship Dynamics That Lead to Codependency

In this episode...

In today’s episode, I do a deep dive into the dynamics that lead to disconnection and codependency in relationships.

There’s a common dynamic in relationships where one partner tends to become distant, and the other becomes “clingy”. This is fairly common, if not necessarily healthy.

Codependency takes things a step further. It’s when we allow our partner’s behaviors to determine our choices, actions, and behaviors.

It’s where we overstep our own boundaries and discount our own feelings in order to take care of the other person, keep the peace, or just maintain our connection with them. We might apologize when we’re not sorry, say we agree when we don’t, and even tolerate cruel or even abusive behavior.

But here’s good news: there is a solution, where you and your partner become interdependent—caring about each other without feeling the obligation to take on one another’s emotions or problems.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 59 to learn more about the dynamics of codependency in relationships.

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 59:

  • The dynamics of disconnection and codependence in relationships
  • How we overcompensate out of the fears or suffocation or abandonment—and how it leads us to become distant or clingy
  • How the habitual or extreme habit of putting your own needs aside can lead to codependence
  • The difference between classic codependency and high-functioning codependency
  • How we can find that middle ground of interdependence, where we rely on one another out of love, rather than obligation

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