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Episode 57: Live Coaching: Putting the Transformation Equation to Work in Your Life

In this episode...

I’ve coined something I call the Transformation Equation Method, which is:

Change = Vision + Choice + Action

It sounds simple, but when you learn to apply this concept to your life, it will work wonders. And in today’s episode you get to hear it in action as you listen in on some real, live coaching sessions.

First we talk about how to avoid putting your own needs on the backburner when you’re stuck in the “sandwich generation” and caring for kids and parents at the same time.

Then we move on to workaholism and creating space so you can step away and unplug from work without feeling guilty.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 57 to learn what the Transformation Equation is, and how to put it to work in your life.

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 57:

  • How to balance your life and find time for yourself in between caring for kids, parents, and a demanding job
  • The importance of integration and elimination in finding the time you need to make progress on your highest priority
  • Dealing with workaholism, and when it’s good to feel guilty
  • The importance of not putting your own needs on the backburner
  • The difference between Coaching and Therapy (hint: coaching isn’t about focusing on the past or giving advice)

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