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Episode 46: From Heroin Overdose to World-Traveling Digital Nomad with Francis Nayan

In this episode...

In this episode, I interview freelance email copywriter Francis Nayan about his incredible life story of having gone from heroin addict to traveling the world and living the life of his dreams.

From the age of seven, Francis always knew he wanted to travel and see the world. But when he fell into a heroin addiction that led to an overdose, he felt as if all his dreams would never be more than that—dreams.

But he managed to bounce back from rock bottom and reinvent himself as a world-traveling digital nomad. Today he travels the world, making a living as a freelance email copywriter.

From heroin addict to living the life he always wanted.

I think we can all take some lessons from his story, including the importance of being open to change, setting firm boundaries with clients, and forgiving ourselves over past mistakes.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 46 to hear Francis’s story and learn what it’s like to recover from addiction and a near-death experience, and to live as a digital nomad in the world today. You might even find the inspiration you need to take your life in a new direction, too!

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 46:

  • Francis’s remarkable journey from heroin addict to ESL teacher in Europe to world-traveling freelance email copywriter
  • What it’s like to travel the world while working remotely
  • How rock bottom can become a gateway to an opportunity for a more fulfilling way of life
  • Common myths and misconceptions about being a “digital nomad” in the world today

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