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Episode 42: A Spiritual Guide to Avoiding and Overcoming Burnout with Anne Bérubé

In this episode...

When you’re an empath and people pleaser, burnout can be hard to detect and overcome. Even if you’re on a purposeful path, you may be shocked to discover that purpose does not equal limitless energy.

My friend Anne Bérubé joins me to discuss her new book The Burnout Antidote: A Spiritual Guide to Empowerment for Empaths, Over-Givers and Highly Sensitive People. Anne has a unique ability to awaken inner wisdom in others and help people to realize the highest calling of their souls. With her new book, she speaks directly to people who are in service in some way, helping them to identify signs of burnout.

Anne shares her own story of experiencing burnout, including the shame she carried when she realized what happened to her. Her story is one that will resonate with overgivers and people pleasers, providing insight into why burnout happens (even if you love the work you’re doing). Anne offers those experiencing burnout a process for identifying the signs and going deep to overcome limiting beliefs and come out stronger and more resilient on the other side.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription Episode 42 to learn how to be expansive in your life without having to deplete yourself for the sake of others.

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 42:

  • How Anne’s own experience of being in service of others led to burnout
  • How limiting beliefs and feelings of self worth are connected to burnout
  • Why you experience burnout, even when doing work that you love
  • The surprising definition of burnout (it’s not what you think!)
  • Why burnout can be a positive thing, allowing for a deeper connection to yourself

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