Create a Loving Relationship with Yourself through Journaling


Create a Loving Relationship with Yourself through Journaling

In this episode...

In this episode of Your Permission Prescription, I share my own personal journey with journaling and why it’s such a powerful practice for self-inquiry and self-discovery. 

Initially, my journey with journaling began when I was 11-years-old as a way for me to communicate with my deceased brother. I was a loner, and I still am, quite frankly. Journaling was a comfort to me, a way to make sense of the world. 

Writing is how I solve and dissolve complex equations of the heart and head. I honestly believe that the number one way we can create an ongoing, truly honoring, truth telling and loving relationship with ourselves is by journaling.

I cannot imagine my life without journaling.

If you’re curious about journaling, I created The Art of Change to guide you, so you can experience a new level of self-connection. You can find your copy at

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 78 to learn about journaling and how it will help you form a deeper connection with yourself.


What I Discuss & Highlights From Episode 78:

  • Why I began journaling as a child and how it helped me make sense of the world.
  • Why I believe journaling is the BEST method for self-care, self-discovery, and a way to reconnect with yourself.
  • How journaling can help us solve complex problems of the heart and head.
  • Why there is no “right way” to journal and a few ways to get started on your journaling journey.


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