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Carving out time for you

I want you to think about something as we roll into the holidays where too often we find ourselves falling into old family patterns and allowing the beliefs of others—about us, our partners and friends, our job, our values—to activate the switch on the negative voice we’ve worked so hard to silence.

I want you to think about…YOU!

It’s so easy to forget that we get to make our own choices for our own lives. If we allow someone else’s beliefs to invade our heads, it’s up to us to disengage from those voices and find our own.

What does this look like?

I have a client, Celeste, whose husband likes her to be in bed when he wakes up in the morning. Yet Celeste goes to sleep much earlier than he does and likes to be up early to write, meditate, exercise, etc. She had been acquiescing to his wishes for years, even though it made her crazy and caused her to miss essential time with herself. As a result, she began to resent her husband for being so demanding. Ultimately, she realized that she was enabling him to be this way by not standing up for her own needs for fear that he would be angry or withhold love from her.

A few weeks into our coaching relationship, she wanted to address this and have me hold her accountable to change her behavior and the situation. No matter how much fear she experienced and how uncomfortable it made her feel, she committed to getting out of bed when she wanted one morning a week to do whatever she wanted to do. Then, she committed to two mornings. Over time, she has created the inner strength and courage to decide each morning when she wakes if she wants to get up and out and do her own thing or if she wants to stay in bed and greet her husband when he wakes.

It’s true that we teach people how to treat us and that when we stand firmly in our truth and make certain needs non-negotiable, we create a new cycle of acceptance for ourselves and others.

Make this holiday’s “certainty” your new mindset… you’ll be surprised at how a positive change in you, and the willingness to make the leap, will reap the benefits of new possibilities in your relationships.

Imagine taking on the holidays and embracing the reality that you are a priority as big as the priority you make others.

So, tell me, what is one thing you’re going to do for you… this week, today, right now?

I want to support you in stepping into the joy, richness, and yumminess of life! You deserve it.

Join me for my next Complimentary Worthy Group Coaching Call and reclaim your self-worth!

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