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Can you forgive and move forward?


from this liminal state
we are reborn
into a threshold between worlds

through the fabric of fog
a map for another way
presents itself

we see – in a flash – how life could be
can we return to what is familiar
and make it new
finding mystery in comfort
or do i embark upon
the adventurous sensuous
on my own

to the acceleration of self-discovery
that can only come
from encouraging the emergence
of dormant forces

embracing this vantage point
let the past be memory

this pause
between present and future
is the alchemy
that will wake

there is barely a moment
even in morning twilight
when i forget
to remember
the shift is happening

i am a light in the harbor
leaving the weight
of the past at sea
change is my anchor
deep inside
peace is so close








“The greatest gift of forgiveness is that we free ourselves.”
~ Debbie Ford

I believe that transformation isn’t possible without forgiveness…of ourselves, and others.

Forgiveness allows us to release the pain the of the past by  relinquishing the burden of resentment, since holding onto it just keeps us imprisoned. Forgiving others does not absolve them from responsibility nor condone things they have done.

When we don’t forgive, a big part of us remains focused on negative, judgmental energy that could be used more productively in our lives, liberating our minds and hearts and opening us to possibility.

Forgiveness frees us from an attachment to the pain of the past, and validates our own self-worth and importance. We are removed from stagnant negativity while propelled to live with the full energy to move forward.

What will be available to you if you become willing to forgive? Join the conversation with me on Facebook.

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