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Are You Ready to Think Differently?

think differentlyThis past weekend I had the honor of speaking at Hay House’s Writer’s Workshop in Chicago along with Mike Dooley, Reid Tracy and Kelly Notaras. The event was incredible, and if you know you have a book in you I highly recommend joining us for one. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to submit a book proposal to Hay House and win a publishing package!!! If you are interested, all the details are right here: http://www.hayhouse.com/writers-workshop-tour

And then, on Monday morning, when I woke up to catch my flight home, it was snowing in Chicago. Actually, a pretty epic storm was blanketing the midwest.

I had a non-stop flight to Aspen where I’ve been spending the winter. As the snow kept falling, the flight delay kept extending due to the in-bound aircraft unable to take off from South Bend, Indiana. Once it was going on 3 hours I decided to see about changing flights and making a connection through Denver – just to get out, since the weather in Colorado was crystal clear. I got that all sorted and arrived at my new gate just a few minutes later.

We boarded the plane a little bit late and then sat and sat and sat on the tarmac. After finally de-icing we got on our way and I realized that it was highly unlikely I’d make my connection. When we landed in Denver, I got off the plane as fast as I could and ran to the gate only to find the doors closed, boarding complete. Even though the plane was still sitting there I couldn’t get on.

I know from all my years of traveling that it does absolutely no good to get into a tizzy over it. I must admit though that I was still jetlagged from my trip to London last week and fighting a sore throat trying to turn into a full blown cold and I just wanted to get home…so I immediately burst into tears.

And, it didn’t help that I was obsessively tracking that non-stop flight I’d originally been on. It ended up departing three and a half hours late and with my missed my connection, it would actually land in Aspen before I did!

And this is when the voices started to kick in. “Why did you change your flight?” “You should have just stayed on the flight you were on, you would have gotten home sooner without a stupid connection.” “Why did you start messing with everything? You should have just left everything as it was!”

The voices that make us doubt and second-guess ourselves, the voices that tell us we better make the right choice and decision, the voices that make us think we should know the outcome before jumping.

Every day I work with clients to dissolve limiting beliefs, to release story and drama, to neutralize these voices.

Every day I am reminded that the more compassionate and self-loving I can be, the sweeter the outcome.

Each week, on my radio show, I aim to help listeners believe in a different future.

It was time to take a spoonful of my own medicine and, as my dear Debbie Ford would say, resign as General Manager of The Universe.

Then I pulled myself together, got some tea and decided to make the most of the hour and a half layover. I made a few calls I needed to, sent some emails and spent the time reframing my attitude before flying home.

Thankfully, United had rebooked me on the next flight – with an Upgrade to first class even!

When we start to think differently, when we learn to neutralize these voices, we open up to new possibilities and the outside world begins to change, allowing us to imagine a dramatically new future. Join me tomorrow on Hay House Radio as I share how we can set the stage for freedom, by first making it real in our imagination. Listen HereI am live on the air at 9 AM MT/ 11 AM ET and you can call in with your questions and get some coaching!

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