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5 Signs That You’re Ready to Be a Life Coach

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A Peek Inside the Life Coach Starter Guide 5 Signs That You’re Ready to Be a Life Coach How do we know when we’re ready to take real action and start building the life we have envisioned for ourselves? Believe it or not, this question is the source of a lot of our hesitation when […]

Episode 92 Transcript: What My Books Can Do For You

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Nancy: My goal with the books I’ve put out into the world are to support you in knowing and loving yourself, bottom line. That’s it. I want you to come away from my collection of books with a deep knowing of your own preferences, your own desires, your own needs, your own boundaries, your own […]

Episode 92: What My Books Can Do For You

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In this episode of Your Permission Prescription, I share how the 6 books I’ve written can support you in your journey to knowing and loving yourself. I wrote each one to guide you in gaining a deep understanding of your own preferences, desires, needs, boundaries and self-worth so you can trust yourself and your ability […]