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Episode 92 Transcript: What My Books Can Do For You


My goal with the books I’ve put out into the world are to support you in knowing and loving yourself, bottom line. That’s it. I want you to come away from my collection of books with a deep knowing of your own preferences, your own desires, your own needs, your own boundaries, your own sense of worth, and to trust yourself and your ability and capacity to make the changes in your life that you most desire.

Hi, and welcome to Your Permission Prescription. The podcast that teaches you how to confidently say “yes” to you and consciously create the life you desire. I’m Nancy Levin, best-selling author, master life coach, and founder of Levin Life Coach Academy. But it wasn’t too long ago that I was a burnt-out people-pleaser living my life for everyone around me and ignoring my own needs.

Fast forward to today, and I’ve successfully coached thousands of recovering people-pleasers to set boundaries with themselves, and the people around them, so they can live a more fulfilling life on their own terms. I created Your Permission Prescription to help you do the same.

Be sure to tune in for actionable coaching methods, from me. Interviews with other incredible coaches, speakers and authors, plus one-on-one live coaching calls and so much more. If you’re ready to start saying yes to you, then you’re in the right place.

Welcome Back to another episode of Your Permission Prescription. I’m Nancy Levin, and one of the questions I have been getting asked often, recently, is which one of your books should I read first and what order should I read them in? So I thought I would take a little time here on the podcast to share a bit about each one of my books and which one you may want to dive into first.

So I’ve written six books. It’s astonishing to me. I published the first one in 2011, and here we are in 2023, a dozen years later, and I’ve published six. So there are a couple of different approaches you can take. 

First I’d say if you happen to like poetry, my very first book is a book of poems called Writing for My Life. And it’s a poetic journey through the time of me leaving my marriage, which essentially means it’s a poetic journey through my own self-discovery. So if that is something that appeals to you, I encourage you to check out Writing for My Life

If you are coming to my work completely new, I would recommend starting with my most recent book called The Art of Change, A Guided Journal: Eight Weeks to Making a Meaningful Shift in Your Life. And it is based on my reinvention coaching process that I teach and coach inside of Levin Life Coach Academy. I took that particular coaching model, that curriculum, and created a guided journal out of it. So in The Art of Change, the process is eight weeks, eight dimensions of reinvention, and by reinvention I mean returning to the essence of the truth of who you are before you began packaging yourself to be digestible to anybody else. And in The Art of Change, there are eight dimensions, eight weeks. I share a bit of concept and context with you and then I give you specific journal prompts to do each day that week.

So this book is really a way for you to begin your own inner work, to do your own self-inquiry and self-discovery. It is an invitation into the smorgasboard, if you will, of my work. 

So in many ways, the Art of Change encapsulates a buffet, a little bit from here and a little bit from there, of all of my books. And so therefore,it might be a really lovely place to begin because you get a taste. 

Well, hello. In case you haven’t heard already, I’ve got super exciting news. I just launched a new website. I’ve been ready for a website that better reflects the state of my business as it is today, and to focus even more on what I can do for you. Specifically my comprehensive training and certification program for life coaches, aspiring coaches, and anyone who wants to use life coaching skills to enhance their current career, so you can elevate your life and your business. Whether you’re interested in receiving guidance on reclaiming your self-worth, setting boundaries, or making a meaningful shift in your life, or you’re looking to start your own coaching business, the new website has something for everyone. Head on over to nancylevin.com now to check it out and take my free life coach quiz. 

The other four books are Jump… and Your Life will Appear: An Inch by Inch Guide to Making a Major Change, Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth. The next is Permission to Put Yourself First, which was previously published in hardcover as The New Relationship Blueprint, but we decided when it was coming out in paperback to give it a new title. So that book is Permission to Put Yourself First and then the next is Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free: The Ultimate Guide to Telling The Truth, Creating Connection and Finding Freedom

So as you can see, there are themes. So Jump is a 10 step process to making a major change. I, in all of these books that I’ve just mentioned, use my own story as the through line and then bring in stories of my coaching clients. They are all written in such a way that they are 10 step processes, Jump, Worthy, Permission and Boundaries. They’re 10 step processes. And with these books, I actually wrote the books first, I coached the material and then I created coaching models out of each of the books.

So again, Jump, if you’re wanting to make a major change. Worthy, if you’re wanting to explore the correlation between your self-worth and your net worth. And by net worth, we’re talking about money, we’re talking about energy, we’re talking about time, we’re talking about power, we’re talking about control. And looking at the ways in which if we believe we are not enough. We also believe we’ll never have enough and that there isn’t enough and how that pervasive belief is informing our lives. 

The next book in succession, I’m giving you these in chronological order, Jump, then Worthy, then Permission to Put Yourself First, which as I mentioned was previously named The New Relationship Blueprint. And really when I was writing this book, I was writing from the place of how to be in a relationship after the one that fell apart or broke your heart.

So in other words, how do I lean into love again and do it differently than I did before? And no surprise, the common denominator in all of our relationships is us. So, we might think it’s about all the other people, but really the deep dive needs to begin as an inside job. So that’s where Permission to Put Yourself First comes in. And then Boundaries, Setting Boundaries Will Set you Free, is the fourth in the chronological order of these particular books. 

I kind of look at Writing for My Life, the poetry book and The Art of Change, the guided journal, as the book ends of these six books and the four in the middle are my story chronologically. 

And so Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free came from, you know, the good old, we teach what we need to learn. And because I had lived boundaryless for decades and finally learned how to set and honor and own my own boundaries, and that the very container I created for myself with my boundaries, was what gave me freedom. I knew I needed to share it more. 

So all of my books have themes that tie them together. Self-love, making yourself your priority, honoring and owning your own needs and wants and desires. Everything that I’ve created also really comes from the foundation of my Transformation Equation, change equals vision plus choice plus action. 

So you can sort of pick and choose the way you wanna move through my books. Like I said, if you are a poetry lover, you may wanna start with the poetry book. You may wanna start with the guided journal, The Art of Change, so you can sort of dip your toe in the water of each of these topics because in The Art of Change, the eight dimensions of reinvention are vision, calibration, beliefs, self-worth, boundaries, choice, self-confidence and visibility. And as I said, I give you some context about the concept and then I guide you through a process of your own journaling with prompts, and you get a taste of each of these aspects, that then are fully fleshed out and flourishing in Jump… And Your Life Will Appear, in Worthy, in Permission to Put Yourself First and in Setting Boundaries Will Set you Free. So once you get a bit of a taste, you can take the deeper dive into one of those specific topics. 

I hope that this is helpful for you, I’d love to hear your feedback, I’d love to hear which book you started with or are planning to start with. And in addition, I will remind you that there are audio versions of all of the books, aside from the poetry book, but I’ve got the audiobooks available and it’s me reading.

The Art of Change, actually has a companion audio program, so it’s not quite the audiobook, it’s a companion audio, called Eight Dimensions of Reinventing Yourself and it goes hand in hand with the journal. 

But the other four books that I’ve mentioned all exist on audio and it’s me reading. So if you prefer that, know that that’s available to you. All of my books, except the poetry book, have exercises and explorations and prompts, so you can choose to read the book without doing any of the exercises. You can choose to read the book and do the exercises as you go. You can choose to read the book and then go back to the beginning and begin integrating the exercises. Whatever works best for you. 

My goal with the books I’ve put out into the world are to support you in knowing and loving yourself, bottom line. That’s it. I want you to come away from my collection of books with a deep knowing of your own preferences, your own desires, your own needs, your own boundaries, your own sense of worth, and to trust yourself and your ability and capacity to make the changes in your life that you most desire.

Thanks so much for joining me. This was a fun, informative episode, and I look forward to being back again with you next week. 

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