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What Are You Most Committed To

I have an important decision to make in the next couple of days.

In weighing my options, I’m feeling directly into what I want, and contemplating these questions regarding the different directions presented to me:
What’s the value?
What’s the cost?
What sensations are arising in my body? (around what I want and the decision itself)
What’s it worth to me?
Who has the knowledge, information, scope that can fill my blind spot? Who can I ask for help in the form of a reality check?
What do I really want and will this choice get me there?

Ultimately, I do believe I we are master manifestors, always getting exactly what we’re most committed to. The problem is that it’s often underwraps, especially from ourselves. So we think we’re after something in particular, but we’re actually devoted to something else that has been trumping it. Kinda like our own self-sabotaging deal with the devil.

So, time to ask myself: What am I most committed to and what do I desire most…and then make supportive choices out of love, not fear.

Do you know what you are most committed to? Do you listen to the voice of your desire? Do you know how sensation serves you? Do you lead with love?

I want to hear from you…


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