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Week 4: Self-Worth

Welcome to week 4 of The Art of Change Book Club!

So far, we’ve explored the first three dimensions of reinvention—vision, calibration, and our beliefs—and how they build upon and inform one another.

This week, we’re going to continue our journey of reinvention by shifting focus to the fourth dimension: self-worth.

Week 4: Self-Worth

Our sense of self-worth is vital to our well-being and our ability to live out our vision, but it’s something that most of us get completely backward!

This is because our level of self-worth is informed by our beliefs. If we’ve been operating on the common shadow belief that we are unworthy in some way, our sense of self-worth feels like something that’s out of our control.

That’s why we spend so much time chasing external validation and approvals.

But self-worth is really the acceptance and celebration of our wholeness. It’s an inside job requiring a full acceptance of everything that we are, without judgment or shame.

Embracing your wholeness begins with identifying qualities in yourself that you’ve rejected—and then owning them as part of you.

A good place to start is by noticing what qualities trigger you when you perceive them in other people, because we tend to project onto others the things we reject in ourselves.

Start by answering the following questions:

  • Think of someone close to you and identify one of their behaviors that triggers you. Can they be dismissive? Rude? Cocky? Condescending?
  • Next, ask yourself how you display that same quality. What does it look like when it comes from you? How do you try to overcompensate for it (e.g. are you overly polite because you’ve rejected rude)?

Try it on right now and say it out loud: “I am _______”. 

Think about how this quality could be a gift. When might laziness or selfishness be beneficial or even necessary?

Every quality that exists in the universe, that we see in others, exists in you.

By accepting and embracing these qualities,  your sense of self-worth becomes inherent. 

In The Art of Change, you’ll find daily prompts and exercises that will help you fully embrace the qualities that you’ve been rejecting so that you can return to the essence and the full truth of who you are. There has never been a better time.

See you next week.



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