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The stories in our stuff.

Resistance can rear its ugly head in many forms, beliefs, excuses and stories.

And most of the pain we create in our lives is due to stories we tell ourselves that aren’t true—the inability to separate fact from fiction.

Why do we choose to tell ourselves false stories?

Because we don’t want to face “what is.” Reality feels threatening to us, but reality has a way of forcing us to accept it eventually.

Letting go of excuses and patterns that don’t serve you anymore is an important process in both my Jump and Worthy coaching programs. By honoring your truth, you make emotional space and open up a new world of opportunity.

What kind of opportunity?

I’ll let my client Dorena tell you:

“I’m so much more alive and in touch with who I am and what I want. I am recognizing lots of opportunities to set appropriate boundaries. I’m moving forward one step at a time towards a future that I once thought was only reserved for fairy-tale endings. And I started a business and am getting paid for it! Woo hoo! I never would have imagined that a new business would be a result of coaching with Nancy—and I am so excited about it!”

Much to her surprise, Dorena launched her own business called The Breathing Room and emerged as the Space Doula.

What’s a space doula?

I took this description straight off Dorena’s website, “Space Doula – noun. A woman who is trained to support another as they create an environment that is reflective of their biggest dreams and desires.”

I love that!

Dorena has built a thriving business around helping other women move from overwhelmed to overjoyed by holding their hand as they do the emotional work of decluttering and letting go of “stuff”; stuff that can make them feel heavy, guilty, limited or less than. Helping them create a sacred space in which they can breathe, move forward, uncover passions and pursue their dreams.

 “As long as I hang on tightly, I will remain stuck.”

Dorena believes that when you attach a story to the thing, person or situation you’re fretting about, you remain in turmoil.

By decluttering your space, you give yourself room to breathe, create and nurture your own desires. And when you detach and let go, the miracles show up.

Who doesn’t want that?

What I love about Dorena’s work is she embraced the emotional work we did together of letting go and translated that into a physical counterpart.

What physical objects have you been storing your stories in? What are you ready to release so you can free up some space?

 I want to help you uncover the stories keeping you stuck! You deserve it!

Join me for my next Complimentary Jump Group Coaching Call and get ready to set yourself free!

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