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The Self-Worth Secret

Reclaim your self-worth!In order to truly deal with our money issues, we need to go deep within and explore not just our feelings about money—but also our feelings about ourselves. That’s because at heart, money issues are really issues of self-worth. In other words, our self-worth determines our net worth.

Until we truly feel worthy—deep inside—of the great life we desire, we won’t feel worthy of money on the outside. When we don’t feel worthy on the inside, we develop patterns that prevent us from having the money we want and need. For example, even if we get ourselves out of debt…we just build up more debt. Why would anybody do that? Well, they wouldn’t do it on purpose. . But these kinds of patterns are tenacious because they’re created by unconscious feelings and negative beliefs that took hold in childhood.

In fact, our sense of self-worth is created when we’re very young. As a result, some of us aren’t even aware that we don’t feel worthy inside. We carry unconscious beliefs about ourselves like “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not lovable” or “Other people are better than me.” These beliefs of unworthiness then drive our behaviors in all sorts of ways.

The mash-up of money and self-worth issues starts early—and that’s why we have to start by uncovering those old worth issues from childhood. If we don’t unwind the tangle of emotions and beliefs and fears that got encoded back then, we’ll stay in a dysfunctional relationship with money…not to mention a dysfunctional relationship with ourselves. And it won’t matter how many affirmations we write, or how much we learn about economics, because our self-worth determines our net worth.

“High” net worth is a feeling of wholeness. It’s about creating the life that makes you happy – whatever that means to you. And it’s our self-worth that determines our net worth. At heart, money issues are really issues of self-worth. Until we feel truly worthy – deep inside – of the great life we desire, we won’t feel worthy of money on the outside.

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